Struggling to get back into Ketosis


I have lost 2.8kg roughly around 6 pounds in a week since doing keto, but I haven't been able to get back into it for 3 days, and I can see my weight slightly creeping up.


Intermitting fasting for 18 hours having a 6-hour window from 1 pm - 7 pm and 1.5 - 3L a day of water, with a first meal at 1 pm with MCT Spoon an hour before, that first meal is a Fish broth with Nutritional Yeast, Kale, Miso Soup spoon, Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds with some Mushrooms and Mackerel.

Apple Cider Vinegar afterward, Then 1 -2 Cups of Organic Matcha tea in the hours of 3-4. Then 6 pm final spoon of MCT. 6:50 Quarter glass of vinegar and then dinner would be steak cheese bacon avocado nuts and homemade no sugars or carrots coleslaw. Dinner would be a variation of that often times steak replaced with salmon.


I was in ketosis for about 3 days and felt absolutely fantastic, but without that energy, I have still managed to lose weight by simply just being in a keto lifestyle. I want to divide my body fat of 27.4 by half and then get it one 1/3 down to the 10s 11 levels and I know Excercise will be required for the final stage, however, I do want to continue being in ketosis, but I am not eating carbs but cant gets back into it.


The energy levels were nothing like I have ever experienced and wish to get back into it.


I am very strict but have been looking for sweet keto snacks which I Believe since I started buying these keto ready-made cakes, they are the reason I am out of ketosis. Also in addition to having too much protein.


I have been a lover of cooking all my life and all cuisine, so to restrict myself to a diet of a finite amount of products is okay because I can make something of the few however I don't think I can spend 6/7 days of my week eating Red Meat, Egg & Bacon & Cheese. I despise Cheese Egg and Bacon and when I do get back into it, I will not be eating those products as they simply make me sick. Dairy especially, but red meat is just something I want to frequent just once or twice a month. The diet is great for fat loss and weight loss but my god it can be so unappealing when the best foods are the least interesting to me.


The snacks I had are above I had one of them plus a quarter slice of their carrot cakes, I wish I could put photos in here it would make everything more understandable But I essentially think I'm eating too many safe keto snacks, and too much protein. 3KG In a week is great, I just want to be in actual ketosis so I have those energy levels again, and can continue to keep losing weight.


My ketone blood levels were from 1.5 to 3.6 when in Ketosis and now I am in 0.4 and 0.6 and I notice the considerable difference in energy, if cutting the carbs in sugars from the treats is the cause then I can do it as when I was consuming about 8 blueberries and a quarter bar of dark chocolate I was definitely in ketosis and was not dropping. 

Any help would be great!



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  • Do you track your net carbs and stay within the limits?

  • Kenneth Stailey said:
    Do you track your net carbs and stay within the limits?

     Net Carbs

    This is  marketing ploy used by food manufactures to sell their product.

    It is not recognized by the FDA because it is crap. 

    Peple buy into Net Carbs so they can eat more carbohydrates and jutifiy it. 

    Kenny Croxdale

  • You wrote: Peple buy into Net Carbs so they can eat more carbohydrates and jutifiy it. 

    I'm not one of those people. I use limits on net carbs so I can eat less net carbs, stay in ketosis and lose weight.

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