Lazy tasty Veggie Omelete with bacon

Lazy tasty Veggie Omelete with bacon (one person portion):

(1) chop up any veggie you can get your hands on (e.g. bell pepper, mushroom, cherry tomato (not too mush cus it has sugar))

(2) fry two strips of bacon in a non stick pan 

(3) keep the bacon fat and put the veggie in 

(4) put some garlic salt and crushed black pepper to season it

(5) Put two eggs into the pan, mix them in the pan with the veggie. 

(6) Plate it and place a fresh cut avocado (cut it in whichever way you prefer) on the side.

You now have a hearty brunch like meal which will keep you energized for hours.

I personally lost 20 lbs eating this as breakfast after two months into my keto journey.


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  • I have been looking for recipes like this, thanks for sharing! I like bacon, but it doesn't seem to be the healthiest for the body. Avocado, on the other hand, should be very tasty with veggie. I would like to read more receipts. 

  • I have a similar recipe as well.  Actually two lol.  Tonight I made an big omelette consisting of 1 Tbl of virgin coconut oil, 1 tbl of kerrygold butter, 1/2 cup of cooked broccolli, 1 Tbl of feta cheese, 1 Tbl of goat cheese, 1 Tbl of full-fat mozarella cheese, 1/2 oz of chopped baby bella muchrooms, 1 Tbl of hemp hearts, 1 tsp of ground flax, a sprinkle of organic tumeric powder, and 2 large eggs, and 1 oz of fresh sausage cooked and crumbled.  This is my one meal a day on intermittent fasting (for today)  But after sitting down to eat it - i found that I could only eat half of it.  So i've saved the other half for my next IF day. With this, I also had a claussen's kosher dill pickle spear

  • Following two months of eating this as breakfast, I lost 20 lbs.

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