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How much sodium should strict keto stay within? I’m assuming if you have more sodium, you’ll retain water. I’m three days NEW and been worrying over it. Is there a way to track actual sodium on this app? Thanks in advance!! 

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  • 5000-7000 mg sodium per day. And to answer your question you dont generally retain fluids on keto. Fluids absorb through carbs so lower the carbs, the less inflamation ( thats why the first week or two you feel like you are peeing constantly).

  • The medical community was completely off base on that.  It's SUGAR that makes you retain water, not salt.  Watch the video How Salt Got Blamed for What Sugar Did.  It's a good hour long but well worth watching from start to finish.  Google Robert Lustig.  He is a prof at U of C, very illustrious guy.  I used to avoid salt like the plague.  Since I started on Keto and learned about salt, I now merrily salt ALL my food, it tastes more delicious, and guess what my swollen ankles are now thin and sexier than I've seen them in 30 years!  it will boggle your mind.  Eat all the salt you want and drink a glass of water every hour or two of course to replace what you're peeing out.  As the other reply  person says, it is CARBS that makes you retain water.  Once you get your Net Carbs below 20 grams a day or whatever the app tells you to have them at, you will pee and pee, and the weight will come off very steadily, and your health will bloom I promise you.  I didn't believe it at first either.  I am now a walking billboard for it.  Salt is no longer an issue. have to be 100% all in.  There is no cheating.  You won't want to cheat once you figure out that ketogenic foods make you feel way more full than all that crappy flour and sugar ever did, with fewer calories to boot.   Go for it!

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