Really Hungry

I’ve been doing keto for about 3 weeks now. I started off barely hungry and this week, especially yesterday I felt like I couldn’t get enough food. Have you ever felt that way before? How do you deal with it?

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  • Eating fat helps keep you satisfied and feeling full after a meal, so perhaps a little more fat?  I found it hard to ‘eat more fat!’ when starting out on this journey back in October, but it passes.

    And I try to keep busy.  I found this humorous note that reminds me...

  • I have found, nearly a year in now, that when I have a few days of feeling hungry, I then lose significantly. I am only measuring myself not weighing, so don't know if this goes for pounds as well as inches, but the inches just melt away! This early on, I would think it was best just to tough it out, but after a few months if I got really hungry, I did give myself a couple of days with a few more hundred calories, and then I was good to go again. Make sure you are actually eating enough calories, it's counterproductive to drop too low. 1200 minimum for a woman.

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