Not losing like I feel I should

I’ve been doing keto with CM for 9 days now and have been very strict. I’ve lost the initial water weight (about 10 lbs) but I’ve seemed to have stalled. I feel like I should be losing much faster when I compare how I used to eat. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been doing.  Any ideas? I find it much harder to stay under the protein limit than staying under the carb limit.  l but have been managing to keep it down even though I have gone over protein on a couple days. 

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  • Hi Crapple. I am no expert but zi suggest you eat more. you eat almost half your Calories. I find that I lose more weight when I am near my calories. I am about 10 to 20g under my  fat allowance.

  • Be patient. It's only been 9 days. And you lost 10 lbs? How much faster do you need to lose? 😊

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  • It's quite normal to have a stall after the initial water weight loss. Give it time you are just getting started. It's not good to lose the weight really fast, a good number is just a few lbs a week. Some weeks you will lose more others less.

    It can take months for your body to get fully adapted to metabolizing fat, over that time things will fluctuate. Don't get discouraged just push through.

    As time goes on and you will build experience and some history.  Really important to track your stats so you will be able to start to notice how your body responds to various changes in diet and exercise.

    I don't really track my food anymore. I can pretty much predict what my weight will be to within a pound based on remembering what I ate and how much exercise I did the day before.

    I primarily watch the scale and notice trends. Mine gives me both my weight and fat % that I track in my Fitbit app. I also periodically monitor my blood ketone and blood sugar levels when I am actually doing keto.

  • Hello, I think you should lower your protein since it seems quite high and try to meet your fat Goal little closer. I did a lot of research because I am stalling as well and it seems like too much protein is the culprit!

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  • Try increasing your fats. Are you checking your ketone levels? You may be in a very light state of Ketosis

  • Hello , i think  you don t  eat enough fat ! If you struggle  to eat that Much fat do coffee fat ;) 

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