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Ever since I Started "ignoring" the calculations from my fit bit Ive stopped losing weight. I even gained.  Exp carbs, fat, calories etc added back to my daily amounts due to "activity" from my fit bit.  I always delete the activity to see what my actual numbers are and try to stay within the amounts I was given.  Should I allow the increases provided by the activity factors?

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  • Not for the carbs, I think there is a way to set a HARD limit for the carbs regardless of the changes in overall calories. Try to keep carbs under 50 g net, preferably lower (25-30).

  • Thank you! I will look for that setting.  I am keeping them under 17 which is what the app recommended...but now I am gaining?

  • Settings you can change this to not deduct macros and or calories. I don't deduct macros but I do calories and you can look at the bottom of.your daily log to.see actual calories before the deduct. Just try and keep them in line with what you should be eating

  • My question is, after you put all your macro #'s, and you sync your fitbit. At the end of the day after I add all the food I ate, and the fitbit takes out what I burned, are the numbers suppose to be at 0 or -? or am I not eating enough? Or are the numbers wrong? I don't feel the least bit tired or worn out. In fact quite the opposite I feel better than I have in a long time. I make sure I do 10,000 steps a day and started doing a little ab exercises. Problem is, I am not losing anything.

  • Chantzygirl  thats exactly what I mean! My numbers are negative every day.  Is that healthy? 

  • Bellacocoa Ugh! I wish I knew! I have searched everywhere for the answer and can not find anything. I will keep looking and If I find anything I will be sure to let you know.

  • I have the same question. Fitbit steps are around 13000 ish per day and carb manager gives me at least a thousand or so calories for that? I feel like that is really high but then wonder if I’m not eating enough? 

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