Disappointing weight loss


Over the last 15 days have had less than 20 net carbs, but no the expected weight loss 

75 year old male, 193 lbs. 5 feet  8ins.

Any suggestions will be appreciated 

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  • The first part of the weight loss is water.  Do you have underlying health conditions that might make you retain water?  Are you getting enough salt and electrolytes?  It might be time to talk to your doctor if you are retaining fluid or on a salt restricted diet for health reasons.  In the meantime, drinking buckets of water is critical so that's another thing to look at.

  • Thanks for the advice, how much water do you recommend 

  • At least 1 L a day (4 cups), more if you can handle it. It doesn't all have to be straight water, some of it can be clear fluids too, like black coffee, teas.

  • At least 8 cups a day.  If you drink other non-caffienated beverages you can count that toward your water.  If you are physically active you need to drink more.  Caffienated beverages also count, but not as much since some of the benefit is lost in as caffiene can have the opposite of a re-hydrating effect.  Based on what I've read.  I'm not a doctor - just a geek.

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