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Hi! I'm a total newbie to the whole Keto thing! I'm still in the research stage and plan to start soon. I just need a bit more info. What I want to achieve on this diet is the improved health I've heard Keto can give me. I'm diabetic (type 2), I have a stent and a weak pumping heart. I weigh approximately 340#. I'd like to get down to around 270# These are all good goals to try to achieve, but, my real reason is so I can lose enough weight to be able to have my legs repaired. See, I'm currently in a wheelchair, due to an accident in 2007. Both my knees and my hips are bone on bone and have gotten worse since then. I figure if I can lose the weight, I can get my joints repaired and continue to enjoy life a bit better. Also, once the legs are fixed, I want to be able to dance with my filipina wife. My question for today is, do I have to fast? I lost 140# on Atkins in 2006, but, I could walk then. I wrecked my van and the weight started to come back pretty quick. No more physical activity. I'm very interested in this Keto, so, I hope I can rely on the people on this forum for information and support! That would be awesome. Thanks!

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    • Pat F
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    Hello, Randy, and welcome to the forum!  This is a GREAT place to exchange ideas and lift each other up.

    With concerns for your heart, a chat with your doctor would be a good idea.  But I have to think that a well formulated ketogenic diet should be something that works for you.

    I also used to be diabetic; A1C of 7.7 back in Oct 2019 with Metformin and looking to start insulin.   But my doc and I talked keto and the rest is history.  My A1C quickly dropped and steadied at 5.0 in April 2020 (only six months) and has been good since them.   Cholesterol is way down within the good range, and I dropped 65 pounds without really trying.  I have horrible knees (courtesy of 26-years in the Marines) and they feel much, much better.  I can’t ever imagine moving away from the keto lifestyle.

    I think you’re going about this in a good way: do your research. Ive read a ton of books and have subscribed to several YouTube channels. If I may recommend some books: ‘The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living’ and its’ companion book, ‘TAASOLC Performance’, both by Drs Jeff Voltek and Stephen Phinney. Lots of good info on their medical website, It’s a subscription service, but much free info you can read, download, etc. Also, ‘The Diabetic Code’ by Dr. Jason Fung (he’s also on YouTube). Dr Fung also wrote, ‘The Obesity Code’, which I found very useful.

    Youtube: The Carb Addiction Doc, Dr Fung, Dr Ken Berry, The Diet Doctor are a few that I follow.  I’m sure there are more good ones out there.

    As for the Carb Manager App: I’ve been a premium user for over a year and think it’s pretty good.  Nothing’s perfect, including this app, but it serves me well.

    As for your question about whether you have to fast: when I started out, I did not fast (three meals plus snacks in between).   But my readings informed me that snacks are bad as they maintain elevated blood glucose/insulin levels.  The body needs time to ‘burn off’ what we eat so if we constantly eat five/six meals/snacks, it doesn’t have time to lower the levels.  Constantly higher levels cause insulin resistance which only drives the weight up.   I made all my improvements with three meals and a snack now and then, but have since (around July?) started started Intermittent Fasting (IF) and no longer need breakfast.  I’ve just started longer fasts and find them very helpful.   My point is, I don’t think one has to start fasting right away.  Once you’re fat adapted, your hunger pains go way, way down and perhaps then fasting might be something to consider.

    somewhat long winded, but I hope this helps and good luck!

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    • Kat H
    • From Chunky & Funky to Fit & Fabulous!
    • Kat_H
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    Hi, Randy and WELCOME!!! Thanks for sharing your story, WOW. You don't "have to" fast, but it definitely has its benefits - you might want to ease into it, though, and just start with straight Keto first. LOTS of information out there - and here in the forums, as well - many helpful people who can share information and resources with you. Here's an article on fasting that you might find interesting. And please tell your wife MABUHAY!!!!! :-) 

    • Fat2FitGabby
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    • Fat2FitGabby
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    Hello congrats on choosing keto as your way of eating to improve your health. Doing research is the best first step to take. I did that before I started keto too. As to fasting I say you don't have to fast on keto but it does help with getting into ketosis and it has other health so if you can after being on keto for maybe 2 months without fasting see if you can skip breakfast and eat at 12 pm and then see everyday if you can move that time up an hour. Good luck on your goals and starting keto soon.

  • Hi Randy, I too am new to this form and looking for support and information. Great question on the fasting and some good info already have been given

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