Net or total carbs???

I’ve been doing this for 5 weeks and really feel like I’m finding my stride now with what to eat but I still feel like I’m winging it a bit. I’ve been tracking net carbs and keeping them under 20 but I’ve been listening to an audiobook which says these can be misleading and to go by totals? I just changed it in my setting and something that was low net carbs is high total carbs and thrown my day out completely. It’s taken me 5 weeks to get my head round all this and just when I feel like I am I now think I’m doing it wrong! Any advice? Feeling a bit defeated.

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  • Welcome.  There is so much information out there that I decided to follow this app and the people on here. Most of them do net carbs and in my 2 months I have lost 20 lbs.  Days like today I am hungry so will go over my protein but not my carbs.  We have to adjust to our bodies and what works for it.  There have been 3 days I went over in carbs because of nuts.  It did not hurt or help me so no more nuts except walnuts.   I also am sensitive to stevia and splenda.  Good luck and keep researching it does a body good.

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  • I’m right with you Jellie. I’m still trying to find the answer as to why we should go by net carbs. I know the difference in net and total, I just don’t know the reason to use net.

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  • Pepper 

    Sorry Kellie. Autocorrect.

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  • debra06201374ad thank you very much 

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  • From my understanding on the net carbs issue; fiber is insoluble and therefore our bodies can't process it. So the carbs attributed to fiber do not cause insulin spikes. Meaning our bodies are not trying to create glycogen from it. Hence carbs - fiber = net. 

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  • brazendreams thank you very much 

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  • Yes, net carbs. You need as much fiber as you can get. Don't worry about the fiber. Do reduce your sugar alcohols as they can be misleading.

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  • Hi, new here, but here's my thinking: focusing on net encourages (or doesn't discourage) eating more green vegetables. That's good for nutrients like the much sought after potassium, but also because those foods tend to have a lot of water. Given the tendency for ketogenic/low carb diets to have a diuretic effect, keeping a bit of water is good as well.  My .02, cheers.

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  • Thx for the question- these answers have convinced me to add some fiber back in

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