Hello - Second Day

Hello all -

Second day using the Carb Manager application, and tracking my carbs in this sort of way.  I am trying to do keto, but am also trying to focus on less carbs versus a calorie restrictive diet.  Never done it this way before, but was finding restricting calories (1500 per day on a 6'2" 300lb frame) was causing me to fail at the gym and have no energy.  Just had a friend lose 40lbs in 5 months on this, so decided to give it a try.  I enjoy reading everyone's stories, so am looking forward to tracking other's journeys too.  

Quick question about the Carb Manager application.  I have it deducting from my macros and calories for when I work out.  In the past I have ignored these options in calorie tracking applications, as they usually don't work that well.  I am curious if others are doing this, or if it really doesn't work well and I will just be cheating my progress by depending on those lowers numbers from exercise?

Thanks in advance, and good luck to us all!!! :) 

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  • Hello.  Welcome 🍍.  I turned off the deduct calories from exercise feature.  If I am hungry after exercise, I add a high protein snack, if not I use it to increase my calorie deficit.  Also, I am not sure the calorie calculations for exercise are correct for me.  Good Luck 

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  • Gina Thanks for the reply.  I actually played with the feature yesterday and I agree that the calorie calculations are not correct.  It gives me far more leeway on calories when I have it turned on. 

    I want to avoid overeating, and eating more carbs than I am schedule for, so have also turned it off. It's a great idea, but I used to find the same problem when using myfitnesspal.com, so am used to not trusting them.

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  •  I also turned mine off not convinced with the way I walk I burn off nearly 450 calories most days 

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  • karen Agreed.  I haven't missed it since I turned it off.  I just take it into consideration if I want to stray a little on the weekend.  So far that has worked, as I am still in ketosis after 8 days. 

    Having said that,  I am still careful to make sure I don't get bumped out.  I feel like my own science set right now, with all the test strips and measuring spoons.  :) 

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