I cheated!

I had been in ketosis for 3 weeks and went off my diet for Christmas Eve and Day to accommodate our traditional Christmas dinner.  I dont know what I was thinking, but told myself it would be fine.  By the 26 th I was out of ketosis and started a water fast, but no Ketones.  By the 27th, I was still out of Ketosis, and did a fat fast with broth and olive oil, plus a very long walk.  Still no ketones.  By the 28th I continued the fat fast and did another long walk and started showing ketones by late afternoon.  Conclusion:  cheating was totally not worth putting that stress on my body going in and out of ketosis.  I know healthy people with strong metabolism that go in and out of Ketosis no problem, but I'm not one of those people, and I wouldn't do it again :(

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  • What is a ketone?

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  • mapletexan6321d7 please head to low carb chat and then go to Favourite Self Education ~ watch some videos etc via some links.

    Ketones are what show up in your blood or urine when you get into ketosis on the keto diet. I realise you might be eating low carb rather than Keto ~ but either way you need to learn to know how to get the best your own body needs.

    Northern Girl at least you stopped after 2 days 馃檶馃帀馃帀馃帀 well done, brilliant lesson learnt.

    I on the other hand, went mad for 14 days.....馃槺馃槨 I feel like I am starting all over again, struggling with cravings and hunger again ~ but now after 2 good days have only got 3.8lbs to lose to get back on track. Month 4 now.

    we can do this! 

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  • I have been on keto solid for 4 days.  I can already feel a difference!! I'm hooked on this way of eating! And I'm NOT starving!

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  • lisakgreen77746a6 and it just gets better and better 馃槂馃檶 watch out for keto flu, get the right supplements and don鈥檛 overdo exercise for 3-4 weeks you will fly through 馃尫

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  • Northern Girl It鈥檚 okay, just stay with us. Your human. We don鈥檛 want you to not enjoy yourself especially with family and friends. The main thing is to not be away for to long or your body has to readjust to keto and that鈥檚 not pleasant. You know what your doing at this point and you recognized you had a fumble. It鈥檚 okay. Stay with us馃槆

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  • mapletexan6321d7 If your following just low carb, it鈥檚 prob nothing you need to worry about but I would google this with ketogenic diet and read up on it as it鈥檚 a metobolic process your body goes through with keto diet. Difficult to explain in one post unless someone here would like to write on it. Lol

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  • I went off the wagon for a full two weeks over the holidays, but it took me 24 hours to get the stick to turn pink again.  It was awesome!  But it wasn't because of anything special, or that I have some sort of keto super power... it is likely more about me having been in ketosis for several months.  Most of us find that the longer we're on the wagon, the easier it is for our bodies to get back in line after we fall off for a short while.

    Long story short - don't be discouraged, just be a human like you already are!  Compare what you're doing these days to what you did months or years ago and I bet you'll quickly ascertain that you're on a VERY different path than you've ever been on before.  The longer you do this the easier it gets... for adherence AND recovery!  You'll stay "in" longer, your cheat days will be fewer, when you fall off the wagon you won't fall as far.  Those healthy people you mention with strong metabolisms that jump in and out of ketosis at will.... you are going to BE one of them!

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  • badmojomn 

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  • mapletexan6321d7  I am following the Keto diet and I googled for more info.  Thank you so much for your feedback 

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  • Joanna wishing you the best on the journey.  And yes, I am super happy to be back at it so quickly!  Here's to a Ketonic 2018! (If that's even a word 馃槉

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  • lisakgreen77746a6  the best part is no cravings.  Really, no other diet is like that.  It makes it so much easier.

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  • tonyshurter  I'm so looking forward to that.  

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  • Try using MTC oil if you can tolerate it to get back in ketosis, this will increase ketones, don鈥檛 beat yourself up for having some cheat days, just get back in the saddle again and move forward, with the keto diet you have the magic wand to loose weight . . .

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  • badmojomn thanks so much I am doing the Keto diet.  Just started but I would like to know when I reach ketosis 

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  • I just started approx 2 weeks before Christmas. Had two days a week apart where I drifted to some wine.  Second time was tough to get back into ketosis but think I鈥檓 there  again.   Never really had the Keto Flu as I ate fairly low carbs from a prior diet. However, the last 3 days I鈥檝e developed a low throbbing headache.  Someone please tell me this is Keto Flu and not that 鈥渇lu鈥 that is running rapid everywhere.  Love this app, just found today and y鈥檃ll have some great insight to this way of eating.  I appreciate the motivation and helping attitude of everyone 

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  • mapletexan6321d7 are you checking urine or bloods? Urine is the cheapest, easiest option. But once your hunger is less bothersome and for most of us but not all, cravings reduce or go completely then if on a max of 20g carbs you will be in ketosis 馃榾

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  • ShrimpMe if it鈥檚 just headaches then it鈥檚 withdrawal..... not necessaryily keto flu. Bad colds are all over the U.K. true Flu less common but still out there! How鈥檚 things in the USA? My mind boggles as we watch your weather reports.

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  • Joanna  the weather is as crazy as our politics. 馃槼I鈥檓 in southern Indiana and we have been very lucky.  Dodged all snow but the temps broke record cold as did much of the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast.  There was snow in Florida which never happens.  I鈥檓 ready for summer already!  Can鈥檛 make that happen so going to New Zealand at the end of the month. 馃槂The flu has been so bad here.  A lot of people not going to doctor when it becomes respiratory and then it goes into pneumonia.  Locally, a 48 year old woman passed away due to this. High alert for elderly and children.  I鈥檓 57, didn鈥檛 get a flu shot this year (which they are now saying only 10% effective anyway) but I have been exposed more than I care to think.   Thanks for the info.  Headache finally subsided so may have been combination with work related stress.  Unusual for me and just seems like it would have happened sooner if due to eating.  Have a great day!

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