What a mess!

How - too easily only took one British Jelly Baby - the sugar hit my blood like I imagine heroin might, my addiction instantly ignited I craved and ate more. My resolve just melted like a chocolate fire guard!

Why - I missed meals  on the day of travelling ~ unplanned, I went on holiday (vacation) with my children & grandchildren for 4 nights my husband was too busy to go with us.

Result - shame faced absence from you all here, 2 weeks of ridiculous eating. Weight gain of 7.2lbs.

Action plan - back to basics get into ketosis then become fat adapted and once my appetite is reduced back to IF. 

I apologise to you all.

hugs & love ~ hope you all did better than me.

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  • Joanna It鈥檚 okay, your a human.  Your back here for a reason.  Try not to let it go to long next time馃槵 Your doing well, love yourself. 

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  • Not feeling very human 馃槺I had to de-sugar the house last night, my hasband鈥檚 Office will be the new place for me to avoid as I sent it all with him this morning. What worries me more than the scales (I know Keto works) is my head ~ I caved big time without being able to stop myself. Now I need to get my Mojo back!   No Eggs in the house yikes must get out to the shops fast.

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  • Joanna Curious to know if you would have to go through adaptation again ? In my mind that was terrible and the thought of having to go through it again stops me in my tracks at one day of carb forgiveness. 

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  • badmojomn yes and boy do I feel sick coming off the sugar today! 馃あ馃あ馃あ馃あ worse than first time...... but then I have consumed beyond my old lifestyle so serves me right. Do not do this. 

  • I did the same think over Easter...told myself, its 1 day, it's a holiday. What a mistake. Woke Monday feeling awful. Its taken me til today (Friday) to get back to feeling good. I'm going to really think hard before going off the keto train again.

  • It鈥檚 ok.  You know what to do.  You will get right back to health again.

  • Actually I always considered myself an addict.  Becuase I would binge eat on crazy stuff in amounts you wouldn鈥檛 believe.  My stomach like a bottomless pit and no self control at all!  But now I think I am not a true addict because I ha e planned days of eating off plan and I don鈥檛 go nuts and I have control.  I don鈥檛 eat one muffin and then go crazy and have to eat ten.  I eat four squares of chocolate and easily stop with no problems.  But I have read people with true food addiction cannot go off plan and have to stick to their 鈥渂right lines鈥 which I learned about and they were very useful.   It since I can have a day here and there, not too often 馃槈 where I skip my bright lines, I cannot be a true food addict.  So I鈥檓 happy for me, elated!  But my heart goes out to others who are addicts.  I understand that you can鈥檛 take a day off.

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