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Will diet drinks and aspartame mess up ketosis? 

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  • Did you get a reply?  I would like to know this too!

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  • Laura I did not get a reply :(

  • I've had 2 diet sodas / week. On week 7... Has not popped me out of ketosis :) 

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  • Aspartame will not kick you out of ketosis, but beware of other health concerns that arise out of drinking diet pop.

  • It raises insulin levels therefore you will feel hungrier and have more cravings. That said, If the only way you think you can stick to keto is by drinking them...I say go for it but try to limit yourself to how many you drink.

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  • I was not a huge pop drinker but I just recently gave up my sugar free energy shots that have the same stuff in them and I’ve seen the scale move down for me. I think some people are more sensitive to it than others. For me personally, I have done years of “lower” carb diets and finally realized that all the. “Fake” sugars was messing with my insulin.

  • If you are wanting to go strict keto aspartame is not an approved sweetener. Stay with stevia, monk fruit or Swerve, they are natural sweeteners.

  • You won't go out of ketosis but it will raise insulin levels and therefore appetite.

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