What’s for breakfast?

What do you all eat for breakfast besides eggs? I need a bit of variety. Please help. 

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  • I drink a cup of bulletproof coffee.  It keeps me until noontime when I have lunch.

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  • Keto oatmeal. 2T ground flax seeds, 2T chia seeds, 2T coconut flour. 8 ounces unsweetened almond milk. Mix and heat either on stove top or in microwave for 2-3 minutes until thickened. I also add cinnamon, sometimes vanilla. Raspberries and walnuts are good too. 

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  • Omg I was hoping someone would post a simple recipe. Thank you I am going to try it soon. 

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  • arcurri340b 

    Add some hemp hearts to that recipe too. They have a nice nutty flavor.

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  • Look up chaffle recipes too. I got one of those mini waffle makers and make chaffles/waffles for breakfast. Also, I usually sub egg whites in many keto recipes, it gets rid of the eggy taste, as well as reduces both calories and carbs. For syrup I mix up some melted butter, powdered erythritol and maple extract. A lot of people use chaffles as bread substitutes, but I like finding a simple recipe and adding a little vanilla and eating them as waffles. 

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  • Greek yogurt with walnut. Sometimes I add sugar free chocolate syrup to that. Keto pancakes with butter and sugar free maple syrup. Keto pancakes with Keto strawberry jam.  Dimpilmeier bread with all natural peanut butter or almond butter. 

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  • Breakfast bowl.  Meat like either sausage or bacon.  When done crack a few eggs in it and scramble together, plus a slice of cheese.  3 ingredients, one bowl.  Easy peasy!

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  • Keto chocolate chip mug muffin. 1/4 cup almond flour, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of monk fruit and a bit of sugar free chocolate chips. Add in some almond milk if still too thick. Heat in microwave for 60-90 seconds. Top with butter 😀

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  • I recently found a recipe for keto bagels online and made them last weekend for company who are doing keto too, they were a big hit. The recipe is on the Wholesome Yum website. I followed it exactly, then topped with some everything but the bagel spice from Trader Joe’s. 

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  • I mix it up as I make different choices as then I don’t feel trapped and fall off ...

    1/ keto  nut/ seed Museli with Greek unsweetened yoghurt or coconut yoghurt.

    2/ almond berry shake ( Almond butter, scoop of yoghurt , type of berry, scoop of physium  husk  & ice  blitz drink .

    3/Bullet coffee & Edam cheese on home made seed cracker .

    4 / 3 egg scramble with 🌶, coriander,

    5/ Taco cheese , chicken , chilli, coriander, roasted capsicum . 

     6/ curried eggs / devilled eggs .

    7/ seed cracker with Almond butter & Edam cheese and celery stick . 

    8/ seed  cracker with Avocardo or sliced tomato with cheese . 

    9/ Bacon ,eggs & mushroom 

    10 Frittata  (whatever’s rattling in the fridge after Sunday dinner )

    11/  omelette 

    12/ breakfast salad mesclun leaves bacon , fried egg , sausage 

    13/  fruit (berries ) yoghurt Greek or coconut with chopped Almonds . 

    14 / left ova dinner 

     many options ,,,

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  • I drink coffee.  I never eat breakfast.  IF 18-6

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  • Keto brushetta boats make a nice brunch.  Slice courgettes either in half, or in 1cm thick strips and grill lightly.  Splash on a tiny amount of balsamic vinegar, then layer on tomato, mozarella and basil in alternately. Grill to warm through, then I add an anchovy on top.  I sprinkle italian herbs and black pepper on top to serve.

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  • Bullet Proof Coffee or Sausage and Chaffles

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  • I make cheese pies for breakfast 

    fathead dough 


    mozzarella cheese Or Feta cheese


    hot peppers 

    shape them into mini pies put the toppings in the middle and bake

    are usually make the fat head dough at night and put it in the fridge and use in the morning for fresh cheese pies

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