What has Keto cleared up for you?

I've read many posts where people have stopped taking medications after being on a Ketogenic Diet.  Before Keto, I had a real problem with reflux and had to take prilosec every day for it and still had reflux on many days.  After a few weeks of Keto, I quit prilosec and have even eaten foods that would have ruined my day before, while on it!   Coffee was a real problem with reflux. 

I've heard many more serious issues cleared up while on Ketogenic diets so I'm curious, what has Keto cleared up for you and what have you stopped taking because of it?

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  • Karbndall okay, thanks! The one that I have has 4 equal sized pads, so it's a little different. I've used it on my back as well as around my knee, it does help. 

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