Suggestions for "Copy to" feature

I would like to see a data range selection when copying to. I'm the kind of guy who mostly eats the same thing every morning during weekdays and that would remove some extra clicking. Range or list of dates (shift or ctrl) would be nice.


Also, when copying to, you always get thrown back to "Today" when planning ahead. I think the default behavior should be to stay where you are currently in the log.

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  • I select entire meals and copy to.  I find it easier to copy the meal and then delete any unwanted items.  But a checkbox of what I want to copy or ctrl-click/shift-click would be handy too.  Then, always ending up on "Today" wouldn't be so bad.

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  • There is a repeat entry feature I used it for my one a day vitamins, but I can NOT find it again to modify my supplements, because they will be the same everyday, Just ONE CLICK and entered every day until I remove them? 

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  • MichaelPete If you are looking for this feature: When you go to add an item to your daily log, just under where you select the meal/snack/supplement, you can choose add just once or everyday.  If you want to remove it, select the item's menu on the far right (three vertical dots) and choose delete, then once or delete all.  Delete all will delete that day and stop it from repeating, but not delete past entries.

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  • Karbndall  Thanks! I had to force/select the pull down menu tab for it. 

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