Transitioning off Keto

My husband and I are seeing the light at the end of our weight loss journey.  What does maintenance on Keto look like?  I'll be honest.  I don't know if I can go a lifetime w/o chicken fried steak.  :)  We were thinking of transitioning to a Paleo diet or just a flat out calorie in/calorie out diet.  Any opinions or advice?

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  • Have you tried crushed pork rinds for breading?  I figure I'll do more low carb paleo as maintenance too when I get there. Probably up my carbs to like 50-60 g and adjust 5 g as needed until I can maintain. 

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  • Calories don’t work simply because they do not take into account that 200 calories of chocolate is not the same as 200 of cabbage or broccoli.  All calories are not equal and as you will have learned from doing keto a calorie of fat is not going to have the same effect as a calorie of sugar.  Also calorie restriction leads to hunger and then overeating.  I think the best thing to do is once you reach your goal add some “good carbs.”  Brown rice and not white, high fiber unprocessed carbs.  But still be careful of amounts.  And if you want your fried chicken in coating, then have some.  There are purists who will never touch anything with flour or sugar but that’s up to you.  I have days when I eat those things and enjoy them thoroughly with no guilt or regrets.  Unless it becomes a daily thing, it shouldn’t be a problem.  Some people are true addicts to those kind of foods and having a treat like that is just not an option for them as they lose control.  You know if you are one of them.  If not, then enjoy your treats.  If I want to go nuts on something, I have it within a certain time frame and then next day I fast and the scale goes back down again.  Fasting is a useful tool.

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  • I agree with Queen 100%.  😊

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  • Badmojomn me too!  😆

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  • Queen of Sheba Love it!  Neither of us are addicts and that’s a great point to make.  My husband just doesn’t want to go another holiday w/o his mama’s stuffing.  😆  For us Keto has only worked if we are doing it 100%.  My concern was that the first treat would cause us to gain.  My scale took a turn for the worse after a 2 gram carb overage - my max carb intake at the time was 13!  It makes me nervous.  When we’ve done “healthy eating” and fasting in the past we’ve done well.  And you’re right all calories are not the same. 😁  What is your max carb intake look like a day?  And I agree w/ you, fasting rocks!

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  • celticgladiator39d1 Great idea!  We love pork rinds!  We call them chicharrones, not just b/c my husband is Mexican, but b/c calling them what they actually are reminds me of what I’m actually eating. 🤢 but still SO GOOD!  

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  • ryanjess27bfb4 ryanjess27bfb4 

    wow!  It sounds like you are very carb sensitive.  I eat anywhere from 8 to 25g of carb a day.  My weight has been rocketing downward and I have a day or two here and there where I either have some chocolate or I just eat rubbish but get back on track again after and I seem to get into ketosis very easily.  Like in two to three days.  I know because my tongue burns 😹.  It seems like I am very fortunate.  But I think you should be able to eat the things that you want but you’ll just have to work out how to deal with the gains and get them under control  afterward.  It seems it must be a very personal thing.  

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  • I've been thinking about this, too. I'm not sure I can maintain this WOE forever (though if I find I can't ever eat carbs like most people do without getting fat, I will). I saw something online about a WOE where you have some high fat, low carb days (or weeks), and some high carb, low fat days (or weeks), always being careful to take in enough protein to maintain muscle mass but not gain weight. This approach appeals to me but I haven't really looked at it closely. I think it was called THM for trim healthy mama (or trim healthy man). It looked slightly complicated and somewhat commercialized , so I'm not recommending them per se but you might look into their approach. 

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  • Joyful I haven’t heard of WOE, but I’ve heard the diet you’re referring to called a Cyclical Keto Diet and sometimes called the Steak and Cake diet.  I’m glad you mentioned it, b/c I had forgotten about it!

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  • ryanjess27bfb4 

    My best guess for WOE = Way Of Eating

    The research I've done on cyclical keto is that it's for those who engage in fairly strenuous strength building (intense weight-lifting exercise on a regular basis). I'm no where close to that category -- lol! -- so it's not for me, but it may work for you.

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