HOT FLASHES anyone? #sleeplessandsweatyiniowa

I am a 48 yr woman who officially started the keto protocol on Sunday, looking to shed 10 lbs. and eat cleaner permanently. I have been surgically menopausal for 1.5 yrs now (and am 2yrs post breast cancer) and normally have occasional, mild hot flashes. This has ramped up SIGNIFICANTLY over the last 3-4 days, to the point where I am ripping clothing off, dripping in sweat and last night I swear I had 20 while trying to sleep!  Did not sleep at all! Grrrr.... Anyway, is this just coincidental with the diet, or could it be related to the diet? And if related, WHEN WILL IT GET BETTER?!?!  lol   

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  • My guess is keto flu.  I'm experiencing the same issues and I'm a week in on the diet.  I'm in ketosis and have lost 11 pounds.

  • Hormones are stored in our body fat. Burning body fat will result in releasing those hormones back into your system. While annoying, hot flashes are a good sign that you're burning body fat.

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  • Soooo, here is something to think about. 

    I’m 48, been on Keto consistently for 7 months, have lost 53lbs, have 23 still to lose. However, this week I’ve admittedly been using greesy-grace with my eating and have added some pieces of bread, here and there to my meals.  (I know, I know) 

    Telling you this because I’ve been having these “morning sweats “ for this past week as I’m getting BACK into ketosis! 😳  ( not fun Bob!)  So, if you are of the mindset that you can cheat a bit, get ready...because it is SO NOT worth it! Step away from the bread—better yet, RUN AWAY, Run Forest,  Run!!! 🏃♀️🏃♂️

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  • I was just having a hot flash. I’m 47 and post menopausal symptoms for about five years now. I’ve only been Keto for three weeks. I’ve also found that I have been a little colder at odd times. Glad I’m not alone.

  • Glad I found this thread!! Answers my question and supports my thinking that my current hot flashes are related to my new way of eating. So interesting!

  • I didn’t go through menopause until I was 58. I’m 64 now and still flash at night. I got an estrogen patch (extremely low dose, below recommended) for now because it was getting so bad. It’s enough to help me sleep, but it’s temporary. Once I hit goal weight, another 10 lbs or so, I’ll stop it. I figured quality of life was worth it , if I don’t sleep I can’t function during the day. 

  • Thanks for your comment! My flashes are mild but vey surprising., Like, where did that come from? I'm glad to learn others have the same experience. 

  • Badmojomn I’ve had similar issues-the bottom of my feet feel like they’re burning—mostly at night when I go to bed. 

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