Carb Manager Exercise Calculation

How is Carb Manager coming up with the amount of points that are deducted when exercising?

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  • Would appreciate knowing this too, so hoping Carb Manager Admin chimes in to help us understand this. Once I connected my FitBit to CM, macros changed immensely. Much to my delight, but wondering if it's setting me up for a stall or kicking me out of ketosis.      
    Following is the summary of a day when I got a lot of exercise in. Didn't realize CM deducted macro #'s from connected FitBit exercise and ate accordingly to keep my #'s close to recommended #'s. At the end of the day, scrolled down and saw the exercise #'s added and how it adjusted my CM macro's.  Without the exercise deductions, I would have been way over my usual macros.
                                    carbs           fat           protein        calories Subtotal            25.2g      112.2g        76.0g            1540
    Exercise          (11.2)g      (50.1)g     (31.9)g            (623)       FitBit  61 minutes Total                     14.0g         62.2g         44.1g            917 ?  Did the exercise really burn off all those carbs, fat, protein and calories, thus in reality keeping me within my marco limits?   or would I be better off and way ahead by turning fitbit connection and deductions off and letting those deductions add to and speed up my weight loss and "guarantee" of keeping in ketosis? 
    Could probably easily stay w/in my regular CM marco goals w/out automatic exercise deductions, but also don't want to eat too little either and have my body thinking I'm going into starvation mode. Or would using regular calculations (w/o exercise deductions calculated in) just speed up the body turning to body fat to burn if lower calories, fat, protein and carbs eaten?
    Sorry for the long post but something I've really been wondering about and trying to figure out which direction to go with this issue. 
    THANK YOU for your response and feedback on this.

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  • It's generally in advisable to deduct exercise calories. It makes it easy to overeat. Plus you're eating up all of your hard work. If you exercise and it makes you hungry, eat extra. If it doesn't make you hungry, stick to your calorie limit. Make sure you keep your carbs at 5% or less of whatever calories you eat.

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