My First Keto Check-in

Hey guys - 

LETS GO !! New to KETO.  Will post here periodically.  Good luck to all.


Starting Stats (1/8/20)

Age: 31

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 197 (target: 180)

Body Fat: 25.4%

Tracking Tools (Hardware): Garmin watch, Garmin Smart Scale, Ketoscan Mini

Tracking Tools (Software): Carbmanager App

Week 1 (Week ending 1/10)

Started keto after several weeks / month of eating pretty bad. Particularly the lead up to NYE (aka - the "eat whatever you want when you want it" diet).

Macro target: 50 net carbs / 166g protein / 127 g fat / 2,000 calories.

Hit net carbs of 45-65 on average each day.  Week 1 was a discovery phase to better understand what I should / should not eat (learn as you go).  Muddled through it. 

Ended up eating a lot of red meat - will try to de-emphasize in future weeks.

Week 2 (Week ending 1/17)

Now that I got a hang of it in Week 1 - I have constricted my macros further to the following.  So far so good - eating mostly chicken and salmon. Some beef here and there.  Also just started using the Ketoscan mini breathalyzer for another data point.

Macro target: 25g net carbs / 125g protein / 155g fat / 2000 calories

Beginning week weight: 194 lbs (-3 vs. last week)

Ketoscan readings (am / pm): 

1/12: 3.8 ppm (early ketosis) / 9.7 ppm (optimum level)

1/13: 7.2 ppm (proper level) / TBD

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