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Hey guys. So started keto yesterday but still need so much help. So I have downloaded the app carb manager and when inputting my height/weight/age it seems to give me ,apparently,such night protein (130g) then went back to it and now giving me 99?? Also is it true that too much protein isn't going to help you for weight loss? What can I add , fat wise to avoid too much protein then? Thanks 

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  • You can go to setting --> macro and adjust the levels you want for macro nutrients. Too much protein is not good as it turns into sugar and will inhibit the fat to ketosis. You will need enough protein for muscle/cell growth and a little for glucose to fuel brain when carbs are not enough (less than 5%)

  • Krish thank you so much for the reply... still trying to figure but the whole system. Also? What kind of fat snack of things I can add so I limit my protein intake? 

  • Fethia Belaid I have not found a snack that has high in fat without carbs in it. I eat sautéed foods and add butter on it. I also eat butter to get the fats.

  • Fethia Belaid Krish After reading your posts I decided to post my fat bomb recipes in case they could help you out.  I just posted 3 in the Recipe Swap forum, they are pending review, hopefully they will get released soon.  Here are their macros:

    Peanut Butter FB: 0 net carbs (1 total carb), 5g fat, 0g protein, 44 calories.

    Dark Chocolate FB: 1 net carb (3 total), 12g fat, 1g protein, 121 calories.  Satisfies that Chocolate craving.  Can make half sized pieces to get a lower calorie snack.

    Key Lime Cheesecake FB: 1 net carb (2 total carbs), 13g fat, 1g protein, 128 calories.  Can make smaller pieces to get lower calorie snacks.

    There are savory fat bomb recipes out there if you'd prefer that, just Google savory fat bombs.  Hope this helps!  I really like having these on hand to round out my macros for the day.

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  • Salami & some deli meats seem to be high in fat, I keep hitting my fats on the days I eat them but still make sure my carbs are under for the day 😊 I’m on my first week so hopefully it’s ok advice 

  • Nothing against fat bombs per say, don’t do them myself but for me, looking at those recipes, they are the very reason I count total carbs not net I could so easily eat over what my body needs.

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