This is week 3. Finding it more complicated than I originally thought. I HATE counting calories. I find I have to count everything. 馃檮. Any suggestions?!?

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  • I hate it too, but do it anyway. I know that before I started logging I got it all wrong, and I didn't lose any weight, so it's important. The further in I get, the easier it gets because I create my own foods with macros pr. gram, and obviously get more and more of my own foods, so all I need to do is change the 'servings' from 1g to the amount of grams I'm actually having and add it to my food log. I know its a bit of a pain. 

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  • I'm growing increasingly frustrated here too.  I guess calorie management just doesn't go away. I'm down 3.6lbs since Jan 2nd. And that's all water. On the bright side, I did go to my doctor today and my blood pressure has normalized since Jan 2nd. I've always been a bit high and I haven't seen the numbers I saw today in at least 15 years. 

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  • I know this is tough but, we are here to do this. I hate it too so i made combination of food for a day which meet my macros requirement and I eat that for a week. (Boring but works). My grocery shopping is easier and cost effective (costco packs are big) and with 3 weeks and 10lbs down since started Keto i have really had to add food and think about it maybe not more than 5 times. It works for me. Hope it helps u too. 

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  • You're in good company. This is the first time I've meticulously tracked my calories and macros but in some ways, it's been eye opening for portion control. I'm using it to not only track this stuff but also to correlate it with the foods that make me feel good and satisfied. Some tips that work for me:


    1. use the app to track your meals and snacks for the next day. It can give you a sense of control. I also leave some buffer in my calories and macros so I can add a little keto friendly treat before I get ready for bed


    2. some of my most satisfying snacks/foods:

    a. unsweetened almond milk: My favorite brand is Calafia farms b/c it pours light, has a nutty/malty taste (add cinnamon to really bring it out) and it blends well w/ cold brew coffee for my morning shake. It's only 35 calories a cup!!


    b. avocado: over the weekend for lunch, I had one whole mashed avocado w/ two mashed hard boiled eggs and I was able to go through 7PM without crashing


    3. get online and get some fun recipes in your repertoire that give you some breathing room w/ your macros. I made cloud bread, low carb tortillas, cinnamon walnut scones (check out #ketoconnect). My husband (who eats gluten free) has been eating my food, too!

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