what is the macro ratio everyone is using for keto?

imma little confused

this app tells me 19carbs, 115protein, and 110fat

a fellow keto person told me 20carbs, 91protein, 81fat

i thought this was supposed to be high fat?

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  • badmojomn Still alive, just haven't been reading the forum!

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  • JonnyPancake okay just checking. Lol. Some fairly interesting people on here, you might miss out on something. J/K. I have been doing a lot of podcast listening of 2 keto dudes, and others. Helps my brain- and I'm taking the fat off for sure. I hope your doing well. 

  • bannybo38  great job, perfect!

  • badmojomn   I am on same ratios as you,  total calories a day around 1000 but with my excercise regime, net calories somedays below 500.  I feel GREAT!  Getting enough fats to be totally satiated on just 2 meals a day.   Lots of energy, no brain fog. I am 64 yo and feeling  better now that anytime on my old SAD (Standard American Diet) when I was in my 40s . Have lost 20 pounds in two months.  There is a video about the myth of your body going into starvation with too few calories.  It does not,  if I can find it again I will pist it here

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  • laurel.johnson Oh yes. Would love to see that. So your saying if some days we don't want much calories, or body doesn't really care? I hope so. Some days I just don't eat much for various reasons.  

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  • Think fat calories- the grams are nearly the same as protein but fat has higher calories per gram

  • Here are my Marcos: 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbs. For me this is 1500 calories, 130 grams fat, 56 grams protein, 20 grams carbs (apx). I was eating too many carbs earlier and got stalled but this is working for me. Will stay here until the fat is squarely gone!

  • mhgoketo  Get some Brain Octane Oil and drink Keto Coffee! I’m a broken record but I am a fan of how this has helped me

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  • I’m looking at my wheel again. I see where some confusion might be. Fats-weigh less than protein, so it’s going to look a bit strange on the wheel. Fat grams are calculated correctly on the wheel. 

  • In playing with the wheel, the more net carb you set, the less fat you will eat due to the energy source.  If you set the carbs a bit higher the slider takes you down on the fat source. Makes sense but still a little confusing. 

  • Also I just found the drop box for different goals- when choosing ketogenic it brings you to the 16 net carb ratio- ups the fat, lowers the proteins. 

  • The percentages are supposed to be 5:25:70   I have my settings to maintain my weight yet its telling me carbs:30g, protein:149g, fat:185g.  That is more like 8:41:51

    Whats the deal here??? 

  • Bishy83 Congratulations on moving to maintenance!  The CM app is programmed so we can follow different eating plans.  I suspect you need to adjust your settings.  Check Macros tab in Settings.  Mine is set for 5:25:70 Keto, but there are 10 options plus custom options.

  • Gina yes I have mine set to that. That's why the values it's giving don't make sense. I wish I could add a screenshot but the image and attachment buttons in this forum also are not working. 

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    • seashell_station
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    Try to get your pie chart to be around:

    70% fat / 20% protein / 5% carbs can pre-fill out your day and see where you land.

    The grams will be based on your weight / calories.

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  • lynnie19139 

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  • Meet your protein every day.  Try to get in your fats.  Stay under your carb limit.  Your macros look fine.

  • OK I finally got an answer! The percentages are not of the total grams, they are of the total calories.  Carbs and Protein have 4 calories per gram and Fat has 9 calories per gram. This is why the calculated grams don't appear to be the right percent if you do your own math. But they are. It would be nice if this were explained somewhere on the macros page to avoid confusion. 

  • Just to clarify for anyone who wants to do their own math.... Multiply your recommended carbs by 4, and also your protein by 4, and multiply your fat by 9. Now these 3 values are in calories and should look more like you would expect for a 5:25:70 ratio. 

    Now you can tell it's high fat =) 

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  • JonnyPancake how do you find out your body fat percentage? Thanks

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