App user for 8 months… only just found these forums

Hello, using the app was a real struggle at first but I think I’ve figured out the parts that work for me.  I tried the menu planning for a bit but found it to be too much food, too many odd ingredients, and cumbersome.  

To the new people, give it time!  Learn to meet your protein and fat goals and to stay under the carb and calories.  There is a balance to be had there, you just have to find it! The challenges are very helpful for personal motivation (alas you don’t win a free month for coming in first place) and teaching you how to balance the macros and get the nutrition you need.

Your new best friends should be a digital scale to weight *everything* and electrolytes to combat the keto flu when it hits and the leg cramps later if you get them (I did).  I like Ultima and packets of Propel.  The packets are very handy for when out and about and have a more subtle flavor than the Ultima but both are good.  Some people drink pickle juice!  I would if I had no choice and I would dilute it.  

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  • Hi Lav! Thought I'd check it out 😉

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  • I too tried the meal planner and found precisely the same. So I just locate recipes, favorite them, and then once I make them and if I feel it's a keeper, I copy that recipe.

    It is possible to get the electrolytes you need via what we eat even on Keto but I must admit it can be a little challenging until you get used to the new food prep.

    I agree on the kitchen digital scale being a critical must have. It is absolutely invaluable.

    On the topic of scales, I suggest using a bio impedance analysis scale. They are quick, simple, affordable and add additional valuable insight into your state over time with more than just a weight. Once I started Keto I wanted that insight, I dropped $25 on Amazon for one of these and it just works without issue. Totally worth it. Yes, these types of scales go all the way up to medical grade costing thousands. The additional readings (some of which are just calculations behind the scenes) I take not as absolutes but as relative changes. When weight doesn't change, it's useful to look at all the other underlying data. A BIA scale will enable you to easily do that. These things almost always have a companion app where everything syncs automatically to the app. The one we have we never have a problem, it just works. I can in the app look at the all the data points (individually) on a graph and have it run comparisons of selected measurements; this is where it becomes easy to see the relative changes.

  • QuantumQeto Sounds like a fun scale.  I like looking at a bit of data but I think my aversion to adding yet another piece of tech to my life or app on my phone will keep me from doing it.  We have a simple digital scale for weighing ourselves and it is sufficing.  Besides, neither my husband or me are “obese” by the weight standards the gov’t puts out (I suppose I can trust them with that. 😏) and I’m less than 10 lb from my goal.  

  • Lavender Blue In my case, I work in technology, so, I cannot escape it (but I DO unplug, every day). In any event, this is the scale we have (and the third picture for the product shows an accurate example of what the companion app shows, captures and records for every weigh-in):

    The app (unlike some of the other scales) is very good and has never presented a problem. As you can see it also automatically syncs relevant data with Samsung Health (which I use), Apple Health and Google Fit. For $25 you really can't go wrong.

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  • QuantumQeto Thanks! I appreciate the information. I will at least look at it.

  • New here as well. Hoping to learn more

  • I too tried the meal planner and found precisely the same. So I just locate recipes, favorite them, and then once I make them and if I feel it's a keeper, I copy that recipe.

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