Microwave vs toaster/conventional oven

Out microwave has conked out and we are considering not replacing it. Many of my fav recipes are specifically for the microwave (mug cakes, for example). Does anyone know if -- and HOW -- to convert a microwave recipe to conventional or toaster oven cooking (temp, time to cook)?

I know this isn't a recipe so technically does not belong here but I did not see a category where it would fit better. Please forgive.

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    I think the difference is the time - obviously, the microwave cooks A LOT faster than a conventional oven. Whatever microwave recipes you enjoy, I'm sure there's a conventional version. Good luck! :-)

  • What did you decide to do?  

    A few years ago, our microwave went out and I tried to do without it.  Ugh.  The dishes started piling up so quickly because every time I wanted to reheat something, I had to use a pot/pan on the stovetop.  We bought another microwave.  

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