First month down

I am happy with month one. Lost 7 ponds. Rain has kept me from exercising so that is purely diet alone! Two years ago I was in a soul sucking job and had no energy. Now I have great energy. And a great job! And am slowly reclaiming my house from the chaos of being deathly sick for so long. Have not drank any Cokes this entire month! That was my biggest adjustment. I always ate low carb. Just made up the difference in Coke calories. So thankfully my eating habits haven’t had to change all that much. The biggest thing is when I feel hungry I drink 8 oz of water and try to wait 30 minutes. If I am still hungry, then I eat.

Here’s to month two! And hopefully spring! 

We went on vacation in January. This morning I put on one of the tops I’d worn on that trip and felt that “this is too big” feeling!  While I can’t see the loss, I am starting to feel it in my clothing. Hoping by Spring time to be able to wear my spring clothes I’d outgrown. I believe I am well on my way to getting there!

And so hang in there. Not everything is about the scales. Just pride in taking that next step should keep us going even when the scales don’t cooperate.

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