I've lost too much weight & can't seem to gain

I have been clean keto for 6 months now. I know most people would love to have my problem, but having reached my goal weight, 136lbs, 10 weeks ago, I find that despite raising my macros & calories to well over 2000 a day I have continued to lose weight & I am now 126lbs, which is way too thin. With carbs at 20-30g a day,  that means eating huge amounts of protein & fat, far more food than I am used to.  I do not want to add any refined food products, sugar or grains. I have started adding sweet potatoes  & today I had some regular potatoes, boiled & chilled then reheated to make them easier to digest. I am allergic to all berries, unfortunately.

I feel fine, I walk 4-5 miles a day (no car), I do T'ai Chi every day, but I don't go to a gym. I sleep 7-9 hours a night.  How can I put on weight but remain in ketosis? I am 66 yrs old, 5'8" & retired.

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    If you have not seen your doctor lately I think it may be wise to have a general once over and lab work. I understand you are feeling fine but weight loss can be a symptom of other problems in the body. If all checks out you could continue to adjust your macros focusing on acceptable carbs and proteins to fit your preferences. 

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  • Definitely get a check up. I know overactive thyroid (hyperthyroid) causes weight loss. May also cause heart palpitations.  Is fairly easy to diagnose and treat.  Get checked out and good luck! 

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    Only eating 20-30g of carb might be why.  You need to find a maintenence level of carbs, so increase veggies til you see weight levelling out. I maintained for a long time even eating pita bread and fruit.

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