Silk Almond Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Hi! I am starting the Keto Diet and have read the do’s and  don’t’s about this diet.  However I’m a bit confused.  From my understanding, sugar should be avoided.  When I scanned this product it says Grade A - Good for Keto.  The second ingredient is cane sugar.  It seems controversial.  I really would like to add this to my coffee but am worried about getting kicked out of ketosis.  Any thoughts on this would be so helpful!! 

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    You understand correctly: avoid sugar.  In that cane sugar is not naturally found in cream, it’s an additive (another reason to consider avoiding it).

    It might be that the entry has an error (it happens from time to time) so you might consider reporting it to CM for verification/correction.

    I’d steer clear of it and look for an alternate.  Some folks enjoy their coffee with coconut oil (great source of MCT) and a Tbsp of butter (often called ‘bulletproof coffee’)

    Hope this helps.

  • I use happy farm heavy whipping cream from Aldi's. not sure if you can see the image but it has zero sugar. I think most "heavy whipping cream" would be ok for a few tablespoons in coffee.

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