Brand new!

I am looking through the app for the first time and I am really confused.  Is there a place where all of the available recipes are listed?  Is there a place to suggest meals or even  daily plans.  Is there a place for low carb plus calorie amounts?  Is there a carb counter for foods.  How do I know how much carb to eat?  I’m Christine and I have no idea how to navigate this site! Help!!!

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  • Hey Christine!  Welcome to the forum.

    For starters, please read ‘Learn About Keto’ found at the bottom of the list to the left margin.  Next, please read, KetoGenius Diet Plan (it’s a save/print .pdf file - good knowledge).

    Once you’ve done that, go to ‘Getting Started’ and work through the input there.

    You should wind up in ‘Settings’ where you’ll input your height/weight/target weight and other data.  This will generate your macros - you can adjust them later (manually) if you desire.

    As for foods: look under (you guessed it), ‘Foods’ where you can select what you want.  If you find something that you think you’ll eat on a regular basis, you can save it to ‘My Foods’.  This is a personalized listing of the foods a person likes.  You can also import recipes via the ‘Food’ tab - just know that everything you see listed elsewhere may/may not be graded well by CM.  Also under ‘Foods’ you’ll see ‘Scan’ where you can scan bar codes of foods you think you might be interested in: VERY helpful at the supermarket!

    that’s about it for now.  Go ahead and work through all those and if you get stuck or have any questions, just ask away and we’ll see what we can do.

    I hope this helps and good luck. 

  • I am new and can’t even find “ Learn about Keto” or the food list. Please help.

  • Kathy Davis ‘Learn About Keto’ is at the bottom of the list found to the left of your screen;  ‘My Daily Log’ is at the top so just scroll down from there.  I’m using the app (not the website) so I would think that wherever you see My Daily Log, just look down the list.  

    ’Foods’ is immediately below ‘My Daily Log’ and the ‘KetoGenius’ entry is about halfway down the list.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

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