Can you have martini bianco on this diet? Any help would be appreciated! X

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  • Hi

    It seems quiet high compared to other drinks that are more keto friendly and you have to be careful of mixers . Although drinking may briefly stop fat burning, I am still enjoying  prosecco in moderation and it doesnt so far seem to be jeopardizing my weight loss  . However, some people find weight loss easier when they avoid alcohol altogether.

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  • Of course, you can have whatever you want, but if you want to lose weight I’d choose something other than a 4 oz drink with 10 carbs. 

    Make your own martini with vodka and a la croix flavored sparkling water with zero sugar, zero carbs.  I like to layer Smirnoff flavored Vodka with sparkling waters (both zero fruit, zero sugar, zero carb).  

    Vodka, gin, scotch and tequila are your KETO bar supplies. With that said, I agree with the other poster who said alcohol stalls weight loss . It’s a sad truth.

    Have fun! 🍸 

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  • I will do a glass of white wine here and there, or a Pendleton bourbon with Coke Zero.  Both seem to work pretty well for my macros, and have not impeded my weight loss so far. 

    Maybe I would have lost more by not imbibing?  But life is life, and I enjoy having a drink or two.  As long as there is progress in weight loss, and my body measurements, then I am happy.  :)

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