4 months on Keto and only 4 pounds gone

 Hi all, I’m almost ready to give up on keto. I’ve been at this for four months and have lost 4 pounds. I keep my carbs as whole carbs under 20 a day I don’t count fiber. I’ve also keep my calories under 1100 a day. I am exercising three times a week with 40 minutes of Water aerobics. The wheel on this app confirms I’m eating right.  I limit cheese to 1 cheese stick a day and I do intermittent fasting....I have a 100 pounds to lose but 1 pound a month seems so slow. Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks.

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  • I have been doing Keto since the beginning of Dec. I have only lost 8 pounds but I have dropped 3 clothes sizes. Do your measurements, I am sure you will see a difference.

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  • Lovely said:
    keep my calories under 1100 a day

     That seems insanely low, especially considering you exercise. Are full at 1100 calories a day, or do you find that you're still hungry? If you aren't eating enough your body will go into starvation mode & essentially reserve fat, which is the opposite of what you're trying to achieve.


    Also consider, you may be gaining muscle while simultaneously losing fat. The scale isn't always the best indicator of success. Get a measuring tape & track your progress that way as well.

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  • I am down a size as I was a 22 and now 18-20 and from a 3x to a 1x. I’ll retake my measurements as that seems like fantastic advise...lol..I did notice my belly doesn’t touch the steering wheel of my car anymore. Your responses have brightened my day. I’ll try increasing my calories but I’m just not hungry. Maybe I’ll make some mini cheesecakes LCHF to help with calories. Thanks for your time!!

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  • Don’t give up! You will start losing. I bet you’ve lost size. Sometimes the scales are your worst enemy. Take your measurements. Good luck!

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  • I ended up cheating with one slice of cheese pizza. Of course I regret it but I’ve always been one to rebel and tada, gained all four pounds back with that one slice. 4 months with no cheat down the drain. BUT I’ve recommitted as I have found that if I do post here I get responses and excellent advise. Here we go again...day 1.

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  • 1 pound a month does seem slow--are you meeting the macros the app suggests for you to lose more than that?  You need enough food (calories) to not be in starvation mode (which will store fat rather than burn it), and enough fat to use for energy.

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  • hi. According to this app I meet the total carb goal most days but not the fat or protein. Once I hit a goal for the day I quit eating. Maybe I should be be counting net carbs but I’ve been told not to do that. So on a 20 carb limit, I hit that first, but I easily could have more carbs available to me if I counted net carbs.  Thanks for your help.

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  • A thing I have often heard about working out is you should change up your exercise.  If you do the same thing (water aerobics) always your body gets accustomed to it and can plateau.  Doing stuff that requires balancing a bit is recommended, maybe try riding a bike?  Not a stationary bike.  I had a personal trainer who would make be balance on one leg and keep switching between legs, only like  5-10 minutes during the workout but that was the goal - to trick your brain into thinking you need to catch your balance.

  • Lovely I am in week 3  so many of the posts here say to hit your fat, don't go over carbs and come close on protein.    

    I went without power for 2 days my intake was 1/2 of what was recommended and I gained a half a pound. 

    Another tip is input your foods ahead of time so you can balance them easier.  I do hit the mark on all 3 some days so I copy that day to the next and tweak the protein or carbs depending on what is in the fridge. Also when you lose weight update the app so the calculations meet your new weight :)

    Good luck 

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  • Lovely  I'm a slow loser as well and have several medical issues that impact my rate of loss. Don't give up. Some things that can be impacting your weight loss include your Thyroid (get a full blood panel), Gummy Vitamins (many have carbs/sugar), PCOS etc. Also, In one of my stalls, I determined I was actually overeating and now measure food on scale and track macros. :)

  • Weight training! Build muscle. Muscle burns fat. Heavy weights. 

  • I was told not to go below 1200 calories a day so maybe you need to increase your calories especially with the exercise as your body might be in starvation mode 

  • I actually lose more when I eat more calories. That amount is too low. I would research the appropriate amount for your body weight and goals

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  • Get some keto sticks to test for ketone in your urine, they are cheap and easy to use. It's not a perfect gauge but it will give you some indication if you are producing ketones.

    Test when you first wake up, that should be your highest reading since the body has been fasting overnight. Check 1-2 hours after a meal too, to see what effect it had on the ketone levels in your urine.

    Keep in mind the ketones in your urine is a cumulative representation of the excess ketones that the body is getting rid of, it doesn't directly relate to the level of ketones your liver is producing or to the level in your blood at that moment.

    As the body gets more efficient at utilizing ketones the levels in the urine will tend to drop.

  • You might want to try “The Plan” then restart Keto.   You might be eating keto friendly foods that react with your body and cause inflammation.   My husband can’t eat any seafood on keto or he gains weight.  I’m the same with cauliflower.  My guess is you’re eating reactive foods.

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  • Intermittent fast can be what’s holding you back. I know for myself I can’t do it every day or I do not lose anything. I will do a IF 1 or 2 days a week  some week I don’t do any . IF is not for everyone and it can really stall things for a lot of people.

  • Lovely  I was having a similar issue but once I focused on meeting my fat goal, I started losing weight.  I’ve also gone off track a few times but just hop back on the next day.  Hang in there!

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