Ketone levels

I’ve recently started keto and have been using urine strips to test for ketones, the results fluctuate between 1.5-8. I thought that the darker the colour the better I was doing but in my research I read something that says the better your body burns fat the less ketones will appear in blood and urine because your body is better at reabsorbing them for energy. I’ve also read things that give me the opposite impression.
I’m so confused, could anyone help me and maybe let me know what their readings have been and if they’ve had progress?

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  • I am confused as well. I am following to see what the wise ones say. : )

  • I started with the strips and then moved to a keto mojo to measure blood ketone and glucose levels. I did both for a couple weeks and found very little correlation between the strips and the blood measurements. At least once the strip showed the darkest on the scale while the keto mojo read 0.5. My conclusion was that that the strips are really only good for telling you if you are in ketosis but not useful for determining levels. That was my experience, at least.

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  • Initially you will produce a lot of ketones, more than the body is able to utilize. As your cells get better at utilizing ketones, and also using free faty acids directly the liver won't produce as much and what does get produced will be utilized quicker and more effectively. This "fat adaptation" can take several months to really get going. 

    Also blood ketone levels just like glucose levels can fluctuate significantly through the day.

    It would be best to do the test at the same time each day and when you are in a similar state each time.

    For me I tend to test early in the morning before breakfast. The ketones should generally be higher and the blood glucose lower due to the overnight fasting.

    You could also test 1.5 to 2 hours after a meal just to see what effect the meal had. I have also done readings after a long 2 hour bike ride to see what effect that had. Ketones were definitely up and blood glucose fairly low.

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