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How can I change the settings on the app to calculate the net carbs instead of total carbs? It says I got over my limit, but I know I ate tons of stuff high in fiber and actually low on net carbs :)

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  • Yes, I've had the same question. I thought we aren't supposed to count fiber  on keto as our bodies don't absorb and use it. 

    If that's the case, why does this app not take that into account? For instance, at 1750 cal/day, I'm told I should ingest 22g carbs /139g fat / 109g protein. When I eat 40g in total carbs but 20 are fiber (avocado, nuts, flaxseed, and high-fiber low-carb tortillas), theoretically they shouldn't count. Yet this app's macros tell me I've exceeded the 5% limit for carbs ... but I really haven't. My net carbs are only 20g!

    So my question is if there's a reason for this? Can fiber interfere with ketosis? 

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  • Hi go to settings and it ask you if you want to select net carbs. total carbs or diabetic carbs most people track net carbs 

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