New to this, here to learn!

Hi all! I'm just at the beginning of my LC/Keto journey. I'm hoping it isn't too late (I'm 60) to make some serious improvement in my health. I'm not sure yet if I'm LCHF or Keto, I have more reading and learning to do. But I DO know that sugar and grains are off the table. Off I go to read some posts and see what this is all about!

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  • Hi, Nancy! I'm 61 and only about 2.5 weeks in. I seem to be losing about a pound a week, but that's ok with me for now. I feel SO much better and my clothes DO fit better. Crazy how this works. At my age, I don't expect weight to "melt off" like it did when in my 30's.

    Ellen I

  • I’m new too and have a few years on you at 69. I’m a bit wish washy on Keto vs LowCarb so am also reading and, making lists of foods I like. I am not a big veggie lover so I will have some challenges. 

    Ellen how many carbs are you consuming?  Net or gross (haven’t figured this out yet)


  • Fifty years old with two young kids.  Had my children late.  I began low carb and fasting two months ago and have lost 33 pounds in that short time.  In the beginning I just cut out breakfast and ate low carb and it became so natural that I just started skipping lunch and going keto as well.  This is a life changing discovery!  So happy I discovered fasting and keto.

  • I stay below 18 NET carbs per day. That's not hard for me because I haven't eaten bread in years and rarely ever craved sweets in my lifetime! Just the way I'm made, I guess. My biggest problem is not eating too much protein. I get my veggies in at lunch time and NEVER fast intentionally. Sometimes I'm just not hungry. 

  • elleniglesias1782756  Sure would be nice if it did melt off though! Thanks for the support!

  • sarahkimyoshida90ca I'm lucky to love veggies. Good thing! LOL

  • Queen of Sheba Wow, that's amazing! I was fasting for a while, but then I veered away from Paleo foods and as soon as I started eating junk again, the fasting went out the window. I've always struggled with food!

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