Just started 4-14-18. Going solo. Trying to feed Keto recipes to hubby & child, but they are not cutting carbs. Hubby is trying to be df.

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  • df?  He is trying to be difficult?  

  • Queen of Sheba He has tummy issues.  He thinks he’s better without dairy.  He has no interest in doing Keto with me.  They will eat some Keto recipes, but still have their carbs too with the meal.  Hubby & daughter love their carbs, esp bread, pasta & crackers.  So I just have to have the willpower to see it & not eat it

  • It’s pretty impossible to do Keto if you’re vegan, huh?

  • Deirdre Falatico I wouldn’t say impossible, just a little more difficult and tricky. Your diet may not have the variety it once had. Pinterest has a lot of vegan keto recipes and I think Luanne Vogel also has ideas on the subject that are noteworthy. 

  • Deirdre Falatico df1971 Also I would caution especially people eating the high fat keto with you, that could play a ruckous with their bodies if they continue to eat keto recipies with high fat and ingest the same amount of carbs. I think my husband gained weight with me while he enjoyed my keto cooking. He was the same way. Loved my cooking but his belly is a 9 month trimester now. He’s thinking of going a little lower carb now however. I will assist him at that. Make sure your hub weighs himself every few weeks or more to keep his weight stable ! I think my hub gained about 20 or so pounds. 

  • Its hard to cook two differant meals all the time Im sure! And exspensive!

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