Not losing much

I’ve been doing Keto for about 6 weeks or so. I’ve stalled and really not losing. The app states, based on my input, I only get 7 net carbs per day. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to stay this low. Probably 15g is what I get most days. 

I also have a hard time balancing the fat, protein, carb percents. Staying super low carb I find that my protein creeps up. 

Feeling a little frustrated that the scale isn’t budging much even though I’m doing the diet and walking about 4 miles on most days. 

Suggestions? :)

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  • rddinteriors6894 maybe your are losing fat and not muscle... btw fat isn’t heavy at all

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  • elzingafarm I did a three day water fast and it completely reset my palate and digestive system.  Stomach, pancreas, and liver all got a much needed reset.  I know it's not for everyone, but man oh man, did it ever help me.   

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  • Your carbs may be too low, aim for 20. Aitkins recommends 20

  • I checked Aitkins The New Aitkins Made Easy, and it said not less than. 18 or more than 22 net carbs, too few or too many can interfere with jump start fat burning. Consume 12 to 15 of net carbs from vegetables, and  do not overdoing protein ( unless you are tall not more than 6 Oz for a man per meal. Plus drink water. Hope this helps. 

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  • martabennet14c337 I’m a little biased against Atkins. That’s a little different format all together than ketogenic. I’m biased because I never lost weight on it, maybe 7 pounds and they are currently in a lawsuite for false advertising in their products. Once I ditched All Adkins products at first, my fat started to melt. Everyone’s body is different with tweaking net carbs for health and fat loss. Going by a book with a “ cover” isn’t ideal because it actually sets up a lot of followers for failure towards the end, and then they come back because they lost weight (hence more money to spend ) but it was so regimen orientated.  Ketogenic followers need to listen to their body’s, how it’s responding to the induction” or fat adaption period. If you feel good on 11 net then go for it I say. If you don’t feel well after fat adaption on less than 20, then bump up to a little more. Play with it a bit. 

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  • andymyewatson949797f How do you do that and function? I thought about it but I work so many hours and think I will melt on day 1! I have read it would make me feel amazing and am curious. Broth involved? Any hunger pangs that are strong enough to cause a melt down?

  • martabennet14c337 that's correct that was my diet when I lost my 65 lbs, the word Keto wasn't even around then and I used the test strips. Now they call it Keto diet.

    18-22 carbs a day truly make one loose weight quick and effective. Adkins solved type 2 diabetics since the 70, while trying to help people as a cardiologist for heart problems. Now they commercialized the company, because they thought they make it easier for people and added the sweet stuff, but I never used those, only the shakes to replace a meal in a hurry. 

    Some stop loosing using the Adkins bars and candies 🍭 

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  • Have you tried intermittent fasting and resistant exercises? Fasting and then working out with weights in a fasted state will definitely help you get past the Keto Stall.

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  • I do not believe your macros are correct. The least amount of carbs that I have seen per day is 20 grams. How are you only at 7 grams a day? It sounds incorrect..

  • Also, take a look at any artificial sweeteners and cut them out. Too many artificial sweeteners can cause the dreaded Keto Stall. I don't mean to get too personal, but if your liver isn't totally healed that can cause a stall. I had fatty liver before I started and didn't really start losing weight until I healed my liver.

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