Can't get into ketosis!

Hello!! I'm confused & frustrated & really need help... I started keto 7 wks ago & have been staying below or near 20 net carbs/day (macros goal is 5% net carbs/75% fat/20% protein; cal goal is 1600 but am usu 1400-1500). I monitor my glucose/ketones 2x/day (1 hr after waking & 3 hours after dinner) w/ my Keto-Mojo meter. I eat very few "dirty carbs" - lots of clean/whole foods. The problem is so weird: I cannot get into ketosis (ketones usually around 0.2-0.3; glucose usu 75-90) and I've only lost 10 lbs. I replaced the meter batteries & ran a solution calibration test - the meter is fine. What is totally weird is that last summer for 5 wks I did EXACTLY the same thing & was in ketosis (usu moderate, sometimes high, sometimes low) almost the entire last 4 wks and lost 17.5 lbs.Can anyone help me w/ WHAT is going on??

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  • Hi, sorry you are so frustrated. Are you on the app? If you are, leave a comment in the group titled “Keto Diet” that has 24000+ members so I can find you and friend you.   Sounds like you are losing about 1.4 pounds a week. That is considered a good healthy loss.  How much do you have to lose? People with more to lose seem to lose faster in the beginning. As we get closer to our target, it slows down. I’ve never used the keto sticks. Been a premium member since last May. 

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