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Hi, I'm Pamm. I feel like I am "allowed" too many net carbs and too much fat to actually lose weight. Thoughts?

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  • You don’t give us much info to work with, so here’s some basic things to consider.

    Your body can burn sugars or fat as fuel, and it prefers sugars.  By limiting carbs you force your body to burn the fat, preferably stored body fat as that’s where the healthy benefits come in (lower A1C, cholesterol, stress on heart, etc.)  Keep your carbs between 20 and 50; the lower the better as this drives the need to convert to burning fat.  Over time, you’ll come to realize what your personal carb limit is (for example, right now I need to limit my carbs to 12 or less).

    You didn’t mention proteins, but they’re also important as they sustain  the body’s muscles, endurance, etc.  typically, keep proteins at around 1.2grams per pound of lean muscle mass.   There are many ways to compute this, but I think it’s easiest to compute your BMI (look up the tables - they’re out on the internet), and using your desired weight goal, compute lean body mass and use that figure.  It sounds more involved than it really is.  And be very careful about exceeding your protein goals - excess proteins can be converted to glucose and that defeats what you’re trying to do.  

    As for fats - a lot of reading suggests to eat enough fats to feel full after your meal.  But consider this - if you limit your carbs, your body’s going to burn fat for fuel.  It can burn either dietary fat (that which you eat) or stored fat.   Eating less fat, especially at the beginning, means your body will burn stored fat (it has to find the energy from somewhere).  So limit your fat at first as that’s where the remarkable health improvements come from.  

    Last, watch your total calorie count - keep it lower than daily requirements for weight loss; you can’t lose weight if you’re packing on the calories.  There must be a deficit for weight loss. 

    You can program these ‘targets’ into your goals on the ‘settings’ tab under ‘macros’.  Select keto as the diet option and then drag the calorie marker to the left until you have a projected monthly weight loss that works for you (I took an aggressive approach and set mine for 9 pounds per month; do what works for you).

    So do not exceed your calories or fat, stick close but not over your proteins, and eat enough fats to feel full while realizing that less fats you eat means your body will burn stored fat for faster weight loss and health benefits.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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  • Pat F great info here, I have been keto for a little over a month , I keep my carbs about 30 and still haven't hit ketosis. I will examine your thoughts here and adjust. 


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