Daily Weigh- Ins? Good or Bad? Why did I gain weight, Am I obsessing negatively? Is this normal? HELP!

I’ve now started a habit of weighing myself every day, since I don’t have the ketosis strips to test if I’m actually in ketosis this is how I track by theory of whether or not I’ve been ketosis. I followed everything & yet somehow I gained 6 ounces instead of losing weight. Am I doing something wrong, should I not weigh myself daily and I do a weekly weigh in instead?and continue  the diet as planned or am I messing up somewhere I’m not really sure!

Any ideas or suggestions??

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  • Hey there. I see you posted this 9 days ago, but felt compelled to answer because I’ve been struggling at the same weight for the past three weeks and want to quit. However, I find that when I feel like this, sharing a little encouragement keeps me in the game.

    My own experience with weighing daily is that it’s not for wimps. I found myself being depressed all day because of the morning readout of the scale.  What I failed to notice was the way my clothes were fitting and comments people were making on my appearance.

    If the daily weigh in doesn’t work for you from a mental standpoint, try it every other day or once a week instead. Best of luck!

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  • I definitely recommend a weekly weigh-in if minor weight shifts are discouraging you. Also make sure to keep track of your measurements, as those are actually a better evaluative tool than the scale. The scale is a cruel mirror.

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  • I also highly recommend picking up some ketone strips for now if possible. I hate spending extra money, but it's just so helpful mentally to see that I'm in ketosis. It has kept me going this last week when the scale hasn't moved in the right direction.

    I've also stopped weighing every single morning. It's never been my routine, so starting now has only proved discouraging.

    I hope things have gone well for you the last week!

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