First Week Testing On Keto

Hello all - 

I just took my first ketone test using the Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips.  I have been doing the keto diet for 4 days now, 30g of carbs a day. 

Based on the strip results, it appears I am in ketosis on some level, as it came back Small: 1.5 mg/dl.  This is my first time doing this, so I am curious if others have used these strips before, and what that really means, beyond being in ketosis on some level?

Also curious if others think the strips are good, or have other suggestions.  I am hoping if I am strict after this first week to improve that score. 

Thanks for any advice

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  • I’m curious too. I just started Keto this week and was thinking about buying the testing strips . Let me know how it goes 

  • I've been doing this about a month and mine came back small! I don't know what to do to increase it🤷🏾‍♀️

  • hi

    I am on week 3 and use the urine strips daily  to show I am in ketosis . I get slightly different results depending on morning or evening but now stick to the morning .Mine started off as small but now are moderate to high most days - they seemed to increase when I got my fat percentages and protein macros close but it could have just been  because of getting more into ketosis - still learning about keto . Only one day did they drop and that was when I was given local anesthectic but went back up next day.

    If I have alcohol in moderation they dont seem to be affected so all good I assume and I like to know I am in ketosis so that I know it is working 

  • Hi Karen - 

    Thanks for the feedback.  Out of curiosity, did you see the strips get darker after drinking alcohol?  I noticed a drastic change to the dark side after a few whiskey and Coke Zeros.  I read on their site that it is prolly due to dehydration, or not having enough carbs in my diet?  I had been drinking a lot of water that day, so assumed it was the carbs, as I am slated for 30g a day and barely had 20. 

    I have read on their site that staying pink is optimal, so Small or Moderate is where we want to be on the strips?  But maybe that isn't an accurate interpretation of their intent?

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback.  Second week here, and trying to not fly so blind.  :) 

  • Milamber48  oddly enough not noticed any difference which did pleasantly surprise me . The main difference that two glasses went straight to my head

    Wonder if you are getting a difference not due to alcohol but   because of the coke zero artificial sweetners as I read think it was on here that they  can make a difference for some people and to cut them out if you hit a stall to reboot ketosis

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