I decided I would try “clean eating “ for the past few days thinking that I would be able to control myself and eat carbs within reason if they were whole grain, unprocessed and the sweeteners were all natural. Low glycemic index and all that. Nope. The addiction is real. Doesn’t matter if it’s a sweet potato with honey or a donut I just don’t get a full signal with carbs and can’t stop once I’ve started. So tomorrow I’m all prepared I’ve got my meals planned out and my macros lined up. Made myself a fatbomb. I’m going to give it a full 5 weeks solid effort and commitment which is more than I’ve ever put into keto before. I never really made it past the flu because I couldn’t handle the cravings. But I learned about fatbombs so I think they will help me through the first couple of weeks. I’m so tired of this disordered eating with carbs. I’m maybe 12 pounds up from my goal weight and it’s frustrating I desperately want to eat like a normal person again. Advice and support appreciated I’ve got the pickle juice and the electrolytes! Xx

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  • I hope keto is going well for you! And yes, the addiction is very, very real. 

  • Sorry you feel you need to go back to "eating like a normal person". I prefer to show others that this is the right way to live life. I feel better, thinking is clearer, energy is up. Instead of trying to get back to the old way, maybe experiment with some of the wonderful keto receipes out there. Can't think of anything I've missed that can't be reconstructed keto style. 

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