How long does it typically take to go into ketosis? Thank you in advance! ❤️

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  • It took me a couple of days.

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  • I started on April 1st. .. .Monday.  It took until Thursday morning to see the scale move in the right direction.   When I did start to lose,  Only .6lbs the first day and 1 lb per day since.  But, the first 2 days I gained.  Eekkkk🙄

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  • I have been in ketosis since day 2. As long as you're keeping under 20g net carbs per day you should hit ketosis fairly quickly.

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  • Took me about two days.  Only had the “keto flu” for a couple of days, too.

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  • Day three and test stick second one from as dark as it gets. Wondering if once our bodies gets use to using fat for energy -will it get lighter?

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  • julesquick 

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  • I cannot belief that I am the only one that  can't go from "Pizza, Ice cream and cookies" to Ketosis in 2 or 3 days, I think you are all DREAMING...

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  • TW Lost 40 

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  • With drinking the bullet proof coffee in the morning MCT oil 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon organic grass fed butter 1 tablespoon organic heavy whipping cream is the key to not having the hunger in my opinion I felt I was in ketosis after about two days also.  I have a sweet tooth but have been doing well over my first week so far. Good luck !

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  • Laura Hi Laura,  I also find the Bulletproof Coffee holds me until 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  Sunday I ended up fasting all day and lost 1.8 because I wasn’t hungry.  Crazy!!!!!

    I just don’t put the Heavy Whipping Cream in because I’m also Intermittent Fasting. 

    I can’t seem to get into the purple on the Keto strips.  Always pink.  But still losing.  Keeping track of everything that goes into my mouth.  So, stick to it. It works!!!!

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  • arizonafun54  Hi, I am fairly new to this and wondering why you’d put butter in your coffee but not heavy whipping cream if you are intermittent fasting, Wouldn’t butter break the fast? 

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  • jsells arizonafun54 here,

    Butter does not make your insulin rise. So, I choose to use my Kerrygold butter with Coconut Oil. 

    I never get hungry when I drink my Bulletproof Coffee. Some days I fast all day.  The coffee holds me all day!! 😁 The last time I fasted which was last Sunday, I lost 4.2 pounds when I weighed on Monday   

    I use no strips or blood meter. I follow the  plan and steady losing. 

    Hope this helped!!

    You could Google Butter or Heavy Whipping Cream and ask if it breaks a fast. 

    Good Luck on your journey. 

    So far I’m down 28 pounds!!! 

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