Fat Consumed Doesn’t Add Up

Hello everyone! I’m new to Keto, 3 days, and new to this app. Why is it that if I calculate the fat I consumed today, I come up with 126g, but the app says 61g? Is it my activity? 

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  • Hi, I do log my exercise but I modified to not count towards my daily intake.  If you do include in your daily intake your calories and macro's go up.  I prefer not to count my exercise calories burned to eat more food..to me defeats the purpose to lose weight.

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  • Welcome to keto.  I'm only a month in, so I'm far from an expect. I am loosing weight so something is working.  I found that some food items seem to be inputted incorrectly to start with on the app. I'd sometimes click on '1 serving' of something, but ended up with wild numbers, because how large is 1 serving??? 

       I also found some items had vastly different nutritional advice on the packet, compared to the app, or info missing.  One food was missing the fibre content, therefore it looked like I was eating a huge amount of net carbs, whereas I wasnt!   Where possible now I weight food, rather than selecting 1 item or 1 serving.  I also check the nutritional info on the packet and compare the app.  If the info is different, I add that food to my custom foods and just use that. Good luck.

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