Should I be concerned?

I’m really working on eating when I am hungry, stopping when I am satisfied (not full), and eating low carb. My calories were low yesterday (800) and it looks like I’m over eating protein. I’ve been transitioning for a month and I’m down 11 lbs. should I listen to my body, or track macros? 

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  • Hi, I track macros, I guess on Keto people tend not to be hungry because of the fat satisfaction, and the ghrelen hormone goes does.   Keep in mind you want to save your muscle and lose the fat so if it were me I would eat what your daily totals are.  I do add my exercise but DO NOT count the calories as this ups the amount you can eat.  If you eat too much protein it will convert to glucose, which you are trying to use fat for fuel.  If you are following Keto of course.

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