Have not lost weight yet

I am on Keto for the second time. I gave up when the scale did not budge last time after 2 weeks. I was  at a high ketone level. I am attempting this again because someone told me that my calories and carb numbers were to low. It seems counterintuitive to me. I am religious about keeping track, workout 3-4 times a week and need to loose 20 lbs.  I did start adding MCT oil and collagen to my coffee this time

anyone else have this problem?

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  • The one thing I seem to notice is that they tell you not to depend on your scale too much, I have my net carbs set at 15 and I have lost nine pounds and an inch off my waist  in a week. Maybe try measuring yourself rather than looking at the scale. Hope that helps a little.

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  • The fat is the key. Eat a lot of fat even though it goes against everything you have ever been taught. 75% of you food should be fat. I made chicken Alfredo bake tonight. So amazing good. I always avoided cream, cream cheese, butter and sour cream but now I eat it twice a day. 

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  • Try using a food scale and track a single macro- total carbs. Keep this to 20 grams or less of total carbs per day. Google the Dr Westman allowable food list known as “page 4” it’s everywhere. Good luck to you! 

    P.S. Some things I’ve personally observed: 

    - Men lose faster then women.   

    - Folks that are heavier tend to lose faster at first.  

    - Folks with health issues tend to lose more slowly as their bodies heal.  (Sometimes, we’re not even aware we have an issue. Trust your body.)

    - Hormones (menopausal, etc) can slow weight loss.

  • Do you eat slot of dairy? That can really slow your weight lose down. Eat more of a clean keto . What are you getting your fat from ? 

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