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Hello! Just started using the app and am confused about one thing... If I have it set up to deduct my calories as I exercise, am I aiming for a net calorie goal of zero since it keeps going down.... or the 1200ish calories I should be having daily?

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  • Hi Taylor! For me personally, I figured the excersice reduction in my daily 1300 calories as purely a bonus for my weight loss. I didn't try to zero our my calorie limit or adjust that day's intake of food up to match my daily total calories. If you eat more to make up for the calories you burned, you'll loose less weight. Try to exercise and still stay close to your calorie limit. When I am really worn down from too much exercise/activity, I only eat a bit more, say an extra 100-200 calories of mostly fat and protein. Be sure to keep your fat, protien and carbs as close as possible to your proper ratio .  If I burned all my 1300 calorie limit for the day, or even beyond, I simply went to bed with a calorie deficit. 

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  • Taylor I just started myself. Trying to wrap my brain around the whole numbers thing.  So is our gym workouts a bonus or should we factor it in with our calorie goals? 

  • Take you are not doing Keto? So I am sorry not to be able to help. Calorie counting isn’t required for Keto. Hello 👋 though 😀

  • I workout and don’t eat those calories...I don’t count calories though...I just stick to the carbs and listen to my body if I am full or not.  I only had 15 net carbs today and was under my calories even before my workout.  I feel just fine though. I had some hot tea with HWC and gonna call it a night.  

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