Enter weight loss here- start of your journey date - begging and end goals- GO!

I started at 188 pounds May 11, I'm 5'6. I noticed the start of my body transform on month 3, weigh in now at 173 Oct.6.  Goal weight 160 for now.

***Post your pants getting looser or your belly going down, family and friends noticing your thinning out, or the scale! Keep it simple and short. Post every few weeks or so for needed encouragement for everyone😊.

Words of encouragement for the journey of ketonians and low carb followers, stay on it no matter what! 

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  • Isn't Keto the Best? i look in the mirror and honestly i don't recognize the guy looking back at me. Fat rolls on my neck, belly, back are just going away. I'm soooo thrilled. Stay the course people, you'll love yourself for doing it in the long run.

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  • ShortGuy If there is a place near you try swimming. It doesn't matter if it's pretty just that your moving. I have had 8 knee surgeries including the last one being a full replacement. Swim is not just low but no impact. Biking is great also. Keep up the good work dude!

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    • Shelly Renae
    • Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels!
    • Shelly_Renae
    • 8 mths ago
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    Last June I weighed 360 and as of today, my weight is 291. That's a slow but steady weight loss. My first goal is taking 100 lbs off. I'm going to do ir, but grateful I do I d this site so I don't have to do it alone!

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  • Badmojomn thanks for posting re the artificial sweeteners, I use Equal tabs in my coffee approx 3/day ... could that maybe be a reason I've only lost .8lb in 3 weeks?  Getting despondent!  You are the same height as me and your CW is my ideal weight ... I try to reach my daily Protein but fall short on the others.

  • Kimbizee, the Equal is probably not your problem.  Hitting your macros is important but hitting the percentages is WAY more important.  I don't really get hungry because of the lack of carbs so sometime i don't eat even half of my daily macros. On Keto it is very important to get the right amount of fat versus protein. the ratio should be roughly 5:1 (80% fat, 15% Protein) with FAT being the most important. If you eat to high of a percentage of protein your body turns the extra protein into Glucose which is bad. Simply stated, you need more FAT.  80% of your calories NEED to come from Fat. Drink MCT oils if you need to, but get the 5:1 ratio correct even if you are under eating. You need to add Butter, Olive Oil, etc to everything you eat if that's what it takes. I eat butter on all veggies, i cook in tons of butter, I sprinkle olive oil an lots of foods and, I have fat bombs in the fridge. Sometime eating enough fat can be tough but that is the key to Keto. 5:1 ratio. live by it.

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  • FatTom wow thank you!  I thought it was the other way round Protein:Fat.  Maybe that is where am going wrong.  Will adjust immediately and hopefully see results soon.  Thank you👍

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  • August 5, 2019 240lbs 5'3 - current = 212lbs

    Goal to be 160lbs

    My face looks completely different.  My energy level is very high.  I love the positivity of everyone on this app. 

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  • SW 245 June 14,2019

    CW 206 September 15,2019

    GW 150 


    I’ve lost 39lbs in exactly 3 months on Keto and intermittent fasting. Love this way of eating and won’t be going back. Just bought a pair of 14 jeans the other day. I was so excited, I haven’t worn 14s in about 7 years!

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  • Kaci N that's fantastic achievement well done.  

  • carolmotsinger  hi I’m new to

    this app is there anyway to upload progress pics to keep track without it being public 

  • Hi all, little disappointed with my results but here goes.  

    H  5'6"

    SW 204lbs on Jul 24

    CW 205.2lbs on Sep 16

    GW was 165lbs but being more realistic at 185lbs

    Folk say they can see a difference in my face and body.  I'm too blue to notice after reading everyones loss on here...safe to say the scale is not my friend ☹️

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  • July 1st, 219

    Sept 18th, 190.8, 40+ inches gone

    slow and steady and not backing down

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  • MimiS my first big goal is 180, but as I am 5’5”, I would like to be closer to 160. I am battling a few chronic diseases and a small pharmacy of medications, so we shall see what I can accomplish.

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  • jacks Hey, arizonafun54 here. 

    Go to YouTube and research the Egg Diet. 

    This will help you break a fast and you can lose 5 pounds!!!

    Good Luck!!!

  • Kimbizee hi can understand why you must be feeling disappointed and clearly something seems to be slightly astray. There is lots of support on here so what macors are you following 

  • a. mall Thank you for your message.  My Macros are 5:25:70 and 1,200 cal/day.  I did drop 1lb when weighed yesterday.

  • Um, hello.  What is OMAD ?

  • Jppm 

  • Jppm 

    One Meal A Day

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  • I started Keto on 4/1/19

    SW 192 (size 16)

    CW 149.2 (size 8/medium)

    GW 140

    These last 9lbs or so are taking for ever!  People around me keep telling me I dont need to lose any more but I think 140 would be a good spot for me.  I have not done more than 16 hrs of IF and have been tracking/weighing everything I eat. Dont have time really right now to exercise due to work load.  Any suggestions to help get these last pounds off?

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  • I started on Keto 9/30/19  ago at 207 pounds and a size 16 +.  I am 5 ft 9.  Today I weighed 199 but am a bit discouraged given the considerable loss others have in a month time. Despite the loss - i see and feel no change.   I am firmly in ketosis.  Here's hoping.  

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  • Interesting thread. I started 3 weeks ago. I'm 60, have hashimoto's thyroiditis, and weigh 160 pounds (5'4"). No weight loss, yet. None. Not giving up, yet. Receiving support on this site. Have been feeling horrible so increased carb intake slightly. Still in ketosis. Exercise every day, always have. My ideal weight is around 130 pounds. Haven't seen that since I was 40.

  • I started my journey yesterday 1/11/2019 at 208.5lb.  Am hoping  to reach 165lb.  

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  • Am 5’3 and 47.  Think I am also starting menopause so fun times ahead lol.

  • I'm 54 and 5'5, I just started a week ago and have lost almost 7 lbs

    SW 240(size 16/1X)

    CW 233.4

    GW 140

    I do IF and only eat from 11am to 7pm

    I'm flexible with my goal weight, I'll know when I'm where I want to be

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