Too much protein?

I’m doing ok with the carbs. My average is around 20. However I’m not losing. (4-5 lbs lost in a month)  I’m realizing my Protein is almost as high as my Fat, and several days I had more P than F.

I’ve read not to worry about the P and F and just focus on Carbs. I’ve also read to keep the P to F ratio at 2:1, while focusing on the Carbs. Can anyone explain which  is correct? 

My P and F have been in the 50-80 range. 

Please advise! I’m so disappointed.

Thank you

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  • I meant to type the ratio as Fat to Protein, 2:1

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    Ratios should be high fat, medium proteins and low carbs. At first until you understand how sensitive your body is to carbs make sure you track total carbs not net. I listen to the pod cast Keto Talk and the doctor on there has been very informative on how to thrive on this type of lifestyle.

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  • You need more fat, med protein, low carbs. And to loose weight, keep an eye on your calorie count. 

  • laurab203 I personally think the huge reduction in carbs is a very large undertaking at first. There’s no true right or wrong when it comes to ratios. This all depends on weight loss goals, your current bmi, or if your following for pure healthful reasons, like many are today.  If your just starting out and had a carbage diet prior, utilize the app manager and fully fill it out. Counting total carbs in the beginning stages can be quite difficult to go by, and really can be quite harsh IMO, but you have to pay attention to hidden things that would spike blood sugars, fake fillers etc in “ low carb” items. Everyone is different and will feel differently on one set micro management wheel. Also not to mention the ratios will be different depending on your activity level. On ketogenic, for fat loss and healthy lifestyle, the fats should outweight the proteins.  Eventually your body turns a corner and starts to live off fats instead of carbs. The ratio you set is really just a guide.  Some people do really well and feel well of huge fat ratio over proteins, some do not. One thing to point out that’s important is how your feeling after what your eating or how much, etc. At first, try to stay in your wheel that you have created with net carbs, listen to your body. My fats were 120 grams and proteins about 75-80. Im  5’6 and and was about 190 pounds when I started. I went strictly by the wheel but tended to go over the marks on F and P some days because I was hungry. When weight loss occurs those micros need to change. Since this can be a difficult adaptation process for some, just keeping in the net carb mark at first is the main goal and quite an accomplishment! Some days I can’t eat that much protein or fats. There should be roughly 20 gram difference in F/P I believe, but if your just starting out things can be wonky and you may won’t more or less.  Try to find more fatty things to add, bacon is a great source. I make up a bunch in my oven on tinfoil and freeze it up. Try not to cook it well done. Adding seasoned or plain real butter to dip meats in is great. Heavy cream, etc. I bought a good quality avacado oil to drizzle as the bacon grease got to me too much for me to handle pouring on things. Shrimps and butter, avacados.  I think you can tweak the wheel to bring fats up if you need to. If you focus on net carbs, and eat too much protein, the proteins will turn to glucose. More fats will help keep you fuller. Good fatty steak dipped in melted butter is also my fav.  I don’t know your statistics or measurements but at 5’6 and a goal of at least 20 pound fat loss for me was 110/78.  I achieved this sedentary and in about 7 months time. Slowly but surely is the key and patience. I almost gave up a few times. Hang in there, and if you want post a daily wheel count for us with your stats. Maybe we can help with that some more. Remember everyone has their own theory on ketogenic and the ratios, but not everyone is the same in how they will feel with certain macros. Sugar alcohols , hidden carbs in low carb” items can hinder the blood glucose. Try to focus on Whole Foods. Insilin resistance is real. I wish you luck. 

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  • Badmojomn Thank you so much. Each of you! I appreciate it. I have noticed some headaches on some days but that’s it. I will try to keep track of how I feel along with what I eat, as suggested.

    I am 48, 5’0”, and I started at 143. I think I’m at 139 or so after one month. I do want to be healthy and feel good, but I also want to lose the jiggling fat on my belly and thighs! (I’m also disappointed because my MIL who lives with is says this is stupid and she’s watching and waiting for me to fail. But I try to block her out.) 

    I think I will try upping the fats, and watching the protein more closely. I have been exercising a little with weights, yoga, and some treadmill. Nothing regimented. Thank you all so much! 😊

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  • Also, my Keto strips usually come out the dark purple. 

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  • laurab203 That’s actually really really good with the strips. I would just keep going, the fat will melt off. Remember after awhile though that color may not be so dark. Don’t fret. Don’t stress to much about macros. After month 2/3ish you will prob need to go cloths shopping if you keep this pace. I would bet a brownie on that. 

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  • laurab203 

    5 pounds in a month is great ! I’m 47 and my metabolism is crawling :( 

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  • Badmojomn  that's a lot of info but good info. Also I don't remember if you mentioned exercise. Because I get none , my carb intake has to be  much lowwe than someone that works out regularly. Also I do much better with my fats being at the higher end of the chart (80%). 

  • Cassiepv  I'm 67 (so age isn't an excuse) . The keto eating plan is working for me and I get zero exercise so far...going to try something this next month but I have lost 18 lbs since Jan. 1!!

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  • linrenep , that’s incredible . I’ve lost 9 since the holidays . 6 to goal . Starting weight matters also . My daughter is losing at double my rate doing much lazier keto . Age definitely effects metabolism . Great job ! 

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  • linrenep I don’t excersize, in summer a bit of yard work etc. Nothing noteworthy due to bum shoulder. 

  • laurab203 Oh dear, don’t let anyone bring you down! Part of the following is mindset, and you can’t have that, your going to have to have selective hearing I think. We hear you here, and are listening. What I have found at times is naysayers at first until they start seeing the results, she may even start following eventually. Good luck to you!! Keep up the good work. 

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  • laurab203 Come to think of it, I may have had headaches off and on for a few months. Remedied typically with salty broth. I can’t specifically remember. They did disapate over time but seemed like forever. Now I may get one and know I’m off on potassium and minerals with salts usually cures them. 

  • Badmojomn  Good call with the potassium imbalance and sodium fix. Those two are super connected, on being off means that the body purges the other, so you need to fix both. 

    laurab203 You'll want to make sure you are getting 3000-5000 mg of sodium daily and 4000 - 5000 mg per day of potassium. Add some salt to your morning glass of water (a 1/2 tsp is about 1000 mg), and salt your meals throughout the day for sodium. You can do the same with a potassium salt substitute in a glass of water each morning, or incorporate enough avocado, dark leafy greens, mushrooms, nuts (in moderation), and salmon.

    Most of the nasty initial side effects (headaches) are caused by electrolyte imbalance. Righting this will help you kick those headaches. 

    Don't listen to the naysayers! There's always going to be someone who wants you to fail, but that is their issue, you don't have to take it on for your own. Keep up your good work, and keep pushing! Can't wait to hear that you've lost much more! 

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  • Andrew Brown  thanks for the sodium and potassium tips. I didn’t realize any of that.  

  • laurab203 Get them in your regular diet and you'll see a big difference! I was amazed to learn that raising your potassium intake actually lowers your blood pressure more than cutting out sodium. Keep up the good work!

  • Badmojomn    Hey there! So I’m still not seeing anything melt off! Lol🙄 I’m only at 138 down from 143 but it’s been 7-8 weeks. I’ve must be doing something wrong.   Any suggestions? My Keto strips were purple but now at the moderate one in the middle.

  • laurab203 Your not doing anything wrong. I would say stubborn metabolism and could venture to fasting rituals. I couldn’t do that for very long. Your in ketosis and that’s what matters. Put the scale away for about 3/4 weeks and keep Keto, make sure to have a pair of jeans or slacks on hand you can hardly button up. I’m not sure your height and weight but I’m assuming your around 5’1-5’4. I just scrolled up -5’0. Put your daily wheel here if you can. Better yet, go to groups” ketogenic” and friend request me and some others. Then we can see your intake daily. This may help.  The realistic goals of once we weighed are okay, but to want to get down to a weight that we never were may still be achievable but difficult. Women take awhile to get the fat off and especially if we are more insulin resistant. Plus, you don’t prob have that much to loose at this moment, the last few pds can take a long time. Did you know fat weighs very little ? You will see it more reflecting in your pants but if your bmi is already really low, that goal weight will take possibly much more time. At some point and time your urine strips won’t be as accurate due to fat adaption, (we utilize the keytones we were spilling, hence I don’t use mct to put me into ketosis).  We all just need to give it time and not weigh to often, nor expect results in just weeks. It’s really impossible especially if you don’t have more than many, many fat pounds to take off. We all prob had this weight on our body for years, taking it off in just weeks isn’t healthy.  This lifestyle is a learned behavior also, we all need to remember. We ate what we want, now we need to learn new behaviors.  This takes time. Weigh in end of month😊

  • Badmojomn  - I am printing this out.. I am also 5'7 but weigh in at 172... you explain in nicely and it IS overwhelming.. but as you said.. I am focusing right now on the staying below or at the carb count.. baby steps.. Just wanted to say thank you for your help!  Kim

  • kfackelman Your welcome. I’m just now tracking for the second time in many many months. Trying to see exactly what I am doing. I find micro managing my foods causes me some distress at times. But time to analyze for me again, short term. 

  • laurab203 I went through a stall recently and can't do intermittent fasting and I'm not good at keeping calories at 500 as suggested to me so I went researching U tubes again  and found a beef and butter fast. .and it worked wonders! For 3-4 days you eat (they said bullet proof coffee but I don't drink coffee so just made my next 2 meals actually 3. You get 8 oz of ground beef with 2-3 tablespoons of butter 2 x's a day (sounds gross but actually tasty). I used 2 Tb butter and 1 Tb Mct oil...I lost 4 lbs in 3 days and now back on regular keto and still dropping.

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  • linrenep Interesting! I may have to try that. Are cooking the hamburger and butter together? Or just the hamburger and putting butter on top after? Is it ok to add seasoning or cheese?

  • Badmojomn   Thank you! Yes I’m 5’ but I weigh more now than with any of my pregnancies. So I’m not looking to get down to my high school weight, but just be more healthy and less jiggly!!  I think a 20-25 lb weight loss is doable but may depend on muscle gain.  I will not weigh again for a while as suggested. 

    I friended you if you have time to peek into my daily macros. I tried to upload a screen shot but it didn’t work.

     Andrew Brown  spoke of potassium and sodium and I do try to eat at least a half of an avocado each day, which has a lot of potassium. Sometimes I eat a whole one between two meals. Maybe my calories are too high but I don’t know what to change so get calories down while keeping fats and everything else in line.  I don’t know if you can see what foods I’m eating or just the wheel. Any suggestion would be appreciated. For now I’ll kist keep chugging along!

  • laurab203 I did this. Second day was difficult to choke down. Add butter and seasonings after you brown the beef. 

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