To count or not to count

I understand that counting macros is not necessary (per Diet Doctor Andreas Eenfeldt and others).  If you are using CM, you're obviously counting.  Has anyone tried doing without counting and were you successful?  How does counting help?    Thanks

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  • I no longer count. That being said, i feel that counting is important to do at least for a little while starting out. I know it gets a little inconveniant and can take alot of time, but it helps you understand portions and how much of each food you can and cant have. That being said, once you begin eating this way it just becomes habit and less exhausting than counting and over analyzing every single thing. I stall sometimes  but am still losing weight. If i ever gain, or stall for a long time, i may go back to counting again. I think i counted for atleast the first two months. I have lost 62lbs since jan. 

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  • I skipped counting at first, then as I got less hungry, I took the time to start logging. I got a bit obsessed thought oh no not this for the rest of my life!.... let let it go again. I only weigh cheese and ingredients if making something like Keto bread. It works for me, we are each on our own journey , do what is right for you. 🌷

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  • I logged my food the first couple of months and so glad I did.  I now no longer track my food and am losing fine.  I do think it's important to do it for a while to see what your carbs look like.

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