scale doesn't move down but measurements do

Can someone explain this phenomenon to me? How is it possible that you are physically smaller but still weigh the same amount. (without adding muscle).

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    Your body is changing as it tries to find homeostasis. It takes breaks along the way. So your weight stays the same. But it’s redistributing your fat or even burning it for energy.  When we are losing weight. The body will put water in fat cells as a placeholder just in case the fat comes back. When the body realizes the fat isn’t coming back it releases the water. So weight stays the same until that release and then a big drop in weight again.

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  • I was at 185 and then this morning weighed in at 189.9 after a weekend of eating mostly meat but cooked by someone else, and a few green veggies. Yesterday morning I had a breakfast of 2 eggs, ghee, avocado, boursin cheese, and 4 slices of bacon. That was it until a late dinner of ribs and asparagus wrapped in bacon. Then a portion of white cheddar popcorn in the evening. Why am I so much heavier? Dang it. I have dropped from 210 beginning weight and am in two sizes smaller clothes since March 21. I haven't seen a pink keto strips in several days. That is what was keeping me motivated.

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